My One Chance Experience


My office holds an end of the year party every year and being the busy body that I am I always get to be part of the organizing committee. 2016 wasn’t any different. The party was, of course, out of this world (if I do say so myself). The party ended around 9.30pm and as…


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My office holds an end of the year party every year and being the busy body that I am I always get to be part of the organizing committee. 2016 wasn’t any different. The party was, of course, out of this world (if I do say so myself).

The party ended around 9.30pm and as one of the organizers I had to stay behind to clean up and settle bills. By 10.22pm we were done so I got ready leave the venue. I called my “office boyfriend” who was my ride home only to find out that he had taken another co-worker who happens to be my arch rival home (story for another day). So as the fine girl that I am I tried getting UBER but I couldn’t wait the time for the driver to arrive so I decided to unleash my inner Agbero and brave Danfo buses at that time of the night.

I got to CMS bus stop by 10.45pm and I remember being so grateful that there were still vehicles available. The bus stopped us on the bridge and my church mind was telling me to walk down the bridge where things were more organized to board a bus but I am a lazy girl at heart. So I jumped into one of the buses going to Orile and as soon I got in two guys jumped in behind me. In my exhaustion, I failed to notice that I was the only woman in the bus and I just slept off.

About twenty minutes into the journey, I felt hands touching my boobs and I jerked awake. I started shouting at the guy insulting him, his family and his generation (you know how we roll) only for the guy on the other side to tell me to shut up because I wasn’t the only one with breast in Nigeria. When he said this, other guys in the bus started laughing. It was then that I knew that something was definitely wrong. So I scanned the entire bus and to my horror I was the only female passenger. The guy I was shouting at then said to me: “Today your cup is full. You are finished today”.

As he said that, I just shouted BLOOD OF JESUS!!! BLOOD OF JESUS!!! BLOOD OF JESUS!!! And the first song that came to my mind was “ONISE IYANU” by Nathaniel Bassey. I started singing and the guy on the seat behind me hit my head with a metal object (thank God for natural hair) and told me to keep quiet. The one beside me was still trying to fondle me but I used my hand to shield myself. Someone else snatched my handbag; another took my laptop bag. I could hear cloth ripping (I would later find out this was my skirt). All through I was just singing ONISE IYANU.

The next thing I knew, the bus stopped on a deserted road and the driver got out, opened the door and dragged me out by my hair. The other guys were asking the driver what he was doing (I guess that wasn’t part of the plan). He dragged me out and shut the door of the bus, told me to run and gave me 200 naira. I don’t know what possessed me but I asked him for my laptop and my phone and these were his exact words: “Come on will you get out of here before they kill you?!”. His words brought a fresh wave of fear and I just started running down the road with no direction in mind.

I reached a junction where a lady was selling akara and it was this lady that gave me her wrapper to tie as I was almost naked. I used her phone to make a call to my brother who came to pick me up.

I just thank God Almighty for his protection, for he said he said in Psalm 91:15 (NIV): “He will call upon ME and I will answer him, I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver Him and honour him.”

Also, when I gave this testimony in church someone in church felt pity for and got me an iPhone 6 and a Macbook Pro.

Let me hear any body come and tell me that God is not real.


    1. LaDolceVita
      God is soo real that we would need help trying to convince ourselves He isn’t. Unfortunately the world has a lot of help.
  1. dee2
    Wow… Thank God for his mercies. I had a similar experience but I realised quite early that I was the only lady in the bus and they all seemed unusually familiar with each other. I read one Psalm can’t really remember which and I was praying in my mind. I reminded God that I was going for a fellowship programme in school and I didn’t deserve to die that day. I summoned courage and told the driver I wanted to come down and he said No that he told everyone there was no bus stop until we got to oshodi. I shouted and told him I wanted to get down right now and as God would have it, I was dropped in the middle of the road. He didn’t even wait for me to get down completely before driving off. Never felt so relieved in my life. It happened in broad daylight. Now I’m always extra careful and I make sure I enter buses at the garage.
    1. Bkd
      Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see how your life was in any danger. Just because you the only female, am deathly they sounded familiar doesn’t make them murderers. It’s good you took precaution but it’s unfair for you to label them killers. Sounds like paranoia to me
  2. Bkd
    Well, I am not quiestioning your beliefs but I have heard stories of atheists and traditional worshippers having similar , even near death experiences. Only the driver can say for sure why he let you go. Who’s to say that he’s not cool with rape, hence he let you go? After all, you only escaped the rape, and not the robbery.
  3. Morris
    Hi Jesus loves you.

    The way you told your story shows skill o, it comes across as funny, except it isn’t. Thank God for your life.


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