Poll: Have You Been Involved With A Relationship Demon? What Geo-Political Zone Did He/She Come From?

Hey guys, it’s been a long New York minute. On the last poll, we asked: What is that thing you have done in bed that you once swore you’d never do? Things went south really quickly and after several revelations, the big O sharing tips and unruly email comments, I’m just here wondering where all of you…


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Hey guys, it’s been a long New York minute. On the last poll, we asked: What is that thing you have done in bed that you once swore you’d never doThings went south really quickly and after several revelations, the big O sharing tips and unruly email comments, I’m just here wondering where all of you will be when Jesus returns. If you missed this post, you can catch up HERE. At the end of the day, 42% confirmed that Oral Sex was that one thing for them.
If I get a dollar for the number of times cheating has been discussed online and offline, I’d be sitting in a beach, sipping gin and juice with D-Money or Dan-G as we close pals refer to him.  Recently, this cheating business has been narrowed down to something almost unique to men from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. They have been slandered, crucified, verbally castrated etc. And to me, for the most part, it is just banter. But what is sad is that some ladies actually take this serious and have made a mental note to stay away from Yoruba men because of these accusations. In the same vein, rumour has it that Igbo girls are at the top of the female cheating chain. Sigh… what people need to understand is that cheating is totally independent of tribe. One of the best relationships I have ever had was with a Yoruba man and it didn’t end because of cheating. As a matter of fact, a lot of my friends have had good relationships with Yoruba men so most times; I wonder where all these slander is coming from and why it is still gaining momentum especially on social media.
What is interesting is that this seemingly bad behaviour of Yoruba men is not restricted to cheating. They have been recognised as the tribe that breeds demons. Most people think it is the Yoruba man that cheats serially on his girl; lies that his wife is in fact his sister, kisses and tells like it’s a favourite sport; goes on a date with a girl with no intention of paying; and even dabbles in the occasional swindling. The list is endless to be honest and I’m not about to go into the dynamics of cheating or relationships because that has been served in various dimensions here. However, what I will like to  tackle today is the authenticity of these accusations meted on the Yoruba men by taking a proper survey. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way supporting men and their bad behaviour. What I find wrong is the unfair generalisation. All tribes have their demons in heavy doses and this is fully dependent on personalities. A lot of us have had the misfortune of being victims. We have experienced all the phases of the effect of the demon behaviour; the heart wrenching pain, the numbness, the anger and hatred of all men but we have pulled through the betrayal and hurt one way or the other.
So to today’s poll, for those who have ever been victims to relationship demons, please tell us the tribe of the Nigerian that messed you up bad, that person who gave you second thoughts on relationships and sealed your opinion that happy ever afters are a myth after all. Think of this as a TNC Survey. Please vote and use the comment section to express you.


    1. Anonymous Aboki
      So, using random figures – I’ve been in relationships with 10 girls, 9 of ’em were, are Igbo. Also, I’ve got 4 close friends & a brother, they all with ladies from tribes different from theirs & marriage bound, jogging towards it..

      If you’re asking an innocent question, I reckon the answer is a lot, permitting my limited scope. Or, were you implying very few Nigerians engage inter tribal dating?

    2. Anonymous Aboki
      How many Nigerians engage in inter-tribal dating? Many I reckon, here’s why..

      I have 4 close friends & a brother, all marriage bound, in fact, jogging towards it last time I checked. Yup, your brain went there quickly – they’re all from tribes different from theirs..

      Myself. Let’s say I’ve dated 10 women, pretty small right? 9 of them were, are Igbo – which is huge, I think, & almost biased..

      So there you go! Permit my limited experience..

  1. Pearl
    I will say that I am very fortunate to grow up with the “Yoruba tribe” many ladies complain about the Yoruba male and how they cheat, well, it may be true,the poll will decide for us… only these guys make up with their sugar coated tongue and romantic attitude which the men of my tribe lack. I’ ll point out this fact: you can’t have it all in life, it is either you settle for this or that. As for a messed up relationship, am out of that, no time to waste on any relationship matter, can’t keep any with all the heartbreaks and mental/ emotional torture attached to it. *singing ..I’m walkn away from troubles in my life by Craig davies.
  2. Nosa
    Well, all generalizations are false including this one.

    As for cheating, we only know of the ones who get caught so it puts a little bad spin on the tribe.
    I know of one popular yoruba/fuji artist who has sired different children with five women and is married to none of them. Tell me why people won’t generalize.

    And please, female demons? Do they exist? What are the indicators of one being a female demon?

  3. JADE
    Well I have never had a relationship end up so bad i decided not to have another so no demons for me,but I have had situatons that left horrible tastes in my mouth
    1) My sister’s ex-husband beat her so bad, and chased her out of the house, with a knife, in the rain, in the middle of the night. He was yoruba
    2) My then boify used to kpansh my then best friend and neighbor, as per i will see him off and he will sneak back into her house to do the do. He was yoruba
    After that i decided no more yoruba men for me ooo, it haff do
  4. T
    My ex boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend, same situation with Jade, I would go out and he would sneak back into our house. He took loans from me, over $2000 which he has not paid up till today. he took me through hell, I will admit I was naive as that was my first real relationship so a lot of the nonsense I allowed, I would not permit now! oh yeah he was Yoruba
      1. Hamira Tamiko El-Z
        lool.trust me we’ve all done mumu things for love. You don’t wanna go through the thread addressing this on Nairaland. Your jaw will drop. I don’t subscribe to the generalisation that all yoruba guys are demons although i was in a relationship with one that was, i also ended up marrying the sweetest yoruba guy. It all boils down to the individual
    1. JADE
      I completely agree about the naive part, I was too but then, never again. At a point he asked me to loan him 500k, I had just finished secondary school o, where will i see the money? he said i should ask my sisters na, shebi they have money. Well i almost asked then i found out about my neighbor and that was the end!
  5. Mr. Brightside
    Me myself walked the whole length of Admiralty for a big-breasted female specimen quite recently.
    Needless to say, it didn’t end well.
    Yes, she was Yoruba.
    1. JADE
      I used to have an igbo boyfriend that completely humiliated me. He used to steal my money from my purse and my roomie caught him one day, then he used to call one of my sisters he became friendly with and beg her to send “us” money.They never told me until i dumped his ass, i still cringe in humiliation whenever i remember! 🙁
  6. Katniss
    I chose South South because that’s where I’ve lived all my life and therefore most of the people I’ve met are from around there. My relationship demon was Cross-River..nigga can lie for humanity. But I’m open to another Cross Riverian in my life..they have the sexiest surnames
  7. glamkeys
    My edo bf was a pretender but I won’t call him a demon, my present bf who is ishekiri is a paranoid insecure and lying demon….. but this twisted thing we called love sha *sighs*
  8. Jite
    My first fake husband was from Imo, the novel is still in the works for that clown . ???

    As for Igbos Abia people are darlings . Beware of Enugu and Imo .

    I guess I always fall in love with the wrong people , no regrets, more lessons learned .

    Again these are all generalizations my friends !


  9. Tiki
    I dated my Yoruba ex for 10 years. He spoilt me rotten, made me set the bar extremely high, and was very supportive. He was also quite controlling and into some very (very very) kinky sex.

    My Delta boyfriend was a sweet, lily-livered guy who couldn’t say boo to me. He was a bit tight-fisted (or broke, i never did figure out which), and specialized in ingratiating himself with my friends to ensure his longevity in my life.

    My Igbo boyfriend was Loving, sweet, great in bed and insanely jealous. He’s still the one whose babies i won’t mind having.

    Incidentally, the guys who have pursued me with intent while in possession of married and often very pregnant wives, are Yoruba.

  10. Uche
    I’ve always said if I don’t end up with a Yoruba man, it will God’s joke on me. Cause this year alone, I’ve lost count of the Yoruba guys who have approached me. My relationship demon was Yoruba (this year), my relationship ‘angel’ was Yoruba (2012), but no future because Muslim. I don’t buy that Yoruba guys thing though, cause if I were to go by tradition, Yoruba women have always been in a better position than their Igbo counterparts. I think the real demons are igbo guys though. And all those guys from the south south. Especially Benin, Warri and PH
  11. Chris
    So far, one thing is obvious. Everyone is culpable for fallacy of hasty generalization. Ask those who say Yoruba boys are cheats and you’ll find out they’ve lived all their lives in the SW or the better parts (Secondary and Tertiary institutions) were spent in the region. Same goes for those who grew up and started dating in the SS, SE, NW…you get my point?

    There’s even a postulation that Yoruba boys are well known to be cheaters cos they are ‘learners’ in the art of cheating (whatever that is). Does this mean other regions are maestros in the game? I don’t have an answer cos the jury is still out on the premise for this whole discussion.

    One thing is definitely certain in this whole matter. No other tribe matches the devotion of Ibo men to their wives. I can say that from what I’ve seen and I think I should know cos I deal with different tribes in profession.

    1. Katniss
      Everyone is guilty of the fallacy of hasty generalizations but you’re the authority on Nigerian men and devotion to their wives?
  12. glamkeys
    Yes o present bf am that point where sometimes I wish he would cheat on me cause it sounds somehow to tell my family that I broke up with him cause he loves me too much for my liking but scrap the lying,paranoia,anger issue and insecurity he’s perfect. Pls o is this a general thing with ishekiri guys?
  13. Salz
    One thing is for sure, the need to cheat is just a personal resolve. It could be deliberate, could be peer pressure i.e. the need to count scores, and sometimes it could be induced i.e Internal restrictions give rise to us bowing for external seduction. As my people would say if there’s no crack on the walls, you can’t have lizards creeping in. Ladies check yourself.
    In all I believe a doomed relationship would show signs from the start. Sadly a lot of u ladies make wrong choices with the hope that God will validate them. A pig is a pig regardless it’s tribe, same goes for a cheat. Y’all just ignore the salient signs when they show head. The mess is caused and you attach blames.
  14. Gb
    Man, it’s not a good time to be Yorùbá, is it? It seems this Yorùbá-male avoidance is getting worse, too. Just to reiterate, it’s a generalization. I’ve never even been emotional about a girl I wasn’t dating at the time. This thing isn’t genetic. Since we all don’t have tribal marks (shudders), it’s not too hard to accept we’re all different. The Yorùbá peeps who will cheat will cheat. Those who won’t, won’t.

    This damn keyboard putting tone marks for me, sef…

  15. Girlyo
    Was single for a while and decided to try new things., everyone warned me against Yoruba people but I thought these women in my life are crazy .. Guy one.. We went out on several dates and he suddenly stopped calling.. Out of no where.. I mean, I was still trying to figure out if I liked him.. I felt he was being childish ..
    Guy 2 wanted just sex and that wasn’t happening and saying we can take it to the next level after knacks. We just talked once in a while then few days after I saw he’s wedding pics on some blog..
    Another guy .. Oh was he so romantic! Flowers here…gifts there.. Anything I asked for he provided .. Till his pregnant gf called me and started crying on the phone ?.. ..I’m scared of Yoruba men.. Lol can’t deal ..dazz all
  16. dexter
    Definitely not a good time to be Yoruba… but my demon was akwa ibom….I remeber seeing her walk out of the house that evening..I confronted her and she said i cant choose her friends and who she chooses to walk with.Fastfoward a few years alot of information came to life, i was broken all over again. Demons are from hell not tribal, not female (or male)….simply from hell.
    Well I’m a Yoruba guy, and although I haven’t experienced any female demons, I can however say that most of my promiscuous buddies are Igbos. I wouldn’t say it’s a tribe thing though cos they’ve lived most of their lives in the south. It’s a matter of individual personality.
  18. MPDchic
    I’m tempted to say cheating is individual and not tribal bet naaaaaa! Yoruba guys r d worst! Even my own brothers n cousins so I won’t juz lie! But my best Bf ever too was a yoruba boy n I know he never cheated.
    But more importantly I c a tribal bias against d north-eastern brethren, haba Ppl of TNC kingdom! Is it dat we aren’t dating deem or dey r the perfect specimens? But den again most of them are allowed to marry more dan 1 wife so u can’t really call dem demons…. *i guess*
  19. Myzsixteen
    Once upon a time I fell for a Yoruba dude, let’s just say dude was very stingy, held back a lot and was a total asshole. After that experience the 2.2 version of me went live
  20. Jae
    boy! This cheating thing is an individual something Biko . Because I have tasted them all . Lol .
    I will even call their names ;
    Kene even went as far as putting out our relationship statues on Facebook ( I felt good and secured ).
    We were always meeting up at his friends house reason being that he was house hunting and he always told me how he wanted me to decorate the kitchen to my taste as I was the woman who would be in his life forever ( sounded like a low key marriage proposal ) . Well, kene said he loved me and I believed him and he disvirgined me ( I was 19 and naive) then some how I stumbled on his real account on facebook . Kene is married with two kids . I remembered he put up his wife pics sometime and he hurriedly explained it was his sister …well thing is after I confronted Kene , he apologized and asked me to be his mistress. I blanked him.
    Then the second one was Omorrr , deltan!!! Omorr was a sweet guy , soft spoken , small dick with an aggressive bed game . He could pretend ehn. Stingy guy too. We broke up when I told him I was robbed and needed money to buy a new phone . I was 20 and quite indifferent , so I never missed him, but I hear he has two kids with two different women.
    Then comes Ola, Ola fine boy…. Well dressed and smart boy , he googles every thing then begins to sound like he knew it before . Small penis with dead sex game , but he is fine when the saliva isn’t forming at the corners of his mouth. lol. Smart somebody, the day I stumbled on his web history , I realized he practically googles all the stuff I discuss with him all in a bid to sound smart . Did I mention he is a yahoo boy forming equipment leasing suppliers . Lol.
    Then comes , Ayodele , ayodele says he isn’t on Instagram . Ayo loves me , Ayo wants to date me, Ayo spoils me silly , thank God for Instagram explorer , I find my Ayo on Instagram and the day I find him is his 3rd wedding anniversary and see my Ayo smiling beside this really cute curvy lady and I shake my head in pity . Ayo still calls me, he doesn’t know I know and I get off on his lies now especially when he begs me to come cook for him .
    Oh !!! Mohammed . Sweet boy ! Tall glass of dark chocolate with nuts , sexual caramel tiger . Sigh !!! That one was forming boyfriend with me in Abuja but I found out Oga has 3 wives in yola.
    I’m 23 by November believe me when I say it’s not by tribe.
    1. JADE
      Wow, my almost namesake, i enjoyed reading your comment. You’re really an all rounder o. I almost fell in love with Kene from the story alone!
  21. Seyi
    Well I don’t have any but an Ibo girl I spoke with recently said from experience she prefers Yoruba guys. Said Ibos don’t treat their wives well, that they give them the good things of life to show off to peers but at home it isn’t sweet. She lived in Markurdi and said people from Benue especially Tiv are cheats. Both gender have the cheat chromosome from birth. She is engaged to a Yoruba guy.
    When I was in secondary school, my neighbour and church members who is Edo but likes claiming Imo cos of there mum tried dating me and my 3 other friends. Two were cousins who live together o.
    Then don’t forget Tuface, he is pro ehn and he is from Plateau.
    My Yoruba boyfriend cheated on me cos I wouldn’t put out but it was meh (I was already planning to break up as me don’t like the sex pestering). So he can’t be termed as a demon. I decided to add him to make it all rounder kinda. Like previously said, na the person body hin dey not tribe or gender.

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