Terdoh: Happy Holidays people. How’ll y’all celebrating this period? With loved ones? Stranded at work? With your right hand?

RJ: I think “loved ones” already covers that.

Terdoh: Oh! My bad. Thanks for joining us. Today we’ll be doing a review on sporting events in 2012 and joining me is RJ

RJ: Tsup fellas.

Terdoh: Now we start off with the basketball. Great to see the lockdown finally end & the NBA season resume on Christmas day in 2011 just when we were starting to think there wasn’t gon’ be an NBA season. And umm, congrats to LeBron James for getting his first ring as Miami heat smashed OKC 4-1 to win the championship in the final.

RJ: Also, Chris Bosh felt it was a great time to pop his head right outa the closet:


RJ: Yeap. Gay as a pink shirt.

Terdoh: Yeah. Bitter-sweet moment for most people. I mean, sweet cos a great player finally won the championship

RJ: and bitter cos all those “LeBron be like a phone on vibration cos he he ain’t got no rings” type jokes are now expired. Gotta look for another target now.

Terdoh: Maybe Durrant or Carmelo.

RJ: Maybe. But on the real tho, f*ck Miami Heat. They knocked out my boys, Celtics… again. F*ck ‘em.

Terdoh: You’re really not going to say ‘no homo’ after exclaiming your apparent desire to have coitus with a bunch of sweaty, muscular men yeah? Cool.

RJ: Nope.

Terdoh: Didn’t think so.

RJ: While we’re still on basketball, the highlight for most Nigerians came in the aftermath of our loss to USA in the Olympics.

Terdoh: Funniest night on twitter. Ever. All that anger & shame stored up in us was unleashed on our Ghanaian neighbors.

RJ: That’s why I love Nigerians. Our words are our weapons & boy, did we beat them black and blue with ‘em.

Terdoh: Now onto Cricket…


Terdoh: Ok. Now the Olympics… It was great… as usual. A lot of exciting moments. Records were broken as well. Like Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time after adding 6 more medals to his collection to make a total of 22.

RJ: Record number of condoms used in an Olympic event.

Terdoh: Usian Bolt showing why he’s the best by retaining all three gold medals.

RJ: Cameroonians escaping from the Olympic village and hiding on some real nigga shii since they couldn’t get no VISA to live in the UK after that.

Terdoh: Mo Farah getting gold in 5,000M & 10,000M.

RJ: Nigeria bringing back zero (0) medals

Terdoh: Dude, focus on the positives.  Now Soccer… What has been your favorite moment in soccer this year?

RJ: Definitely when we signed RVP. He was my best player for last season & then dude snubbed our biggest rival at the moment, Man City, signed for us, took the number 20 jersey of my most favorite footballer of all time, Ole Solskjaer, scored against Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal & the last minute winner against Man City. Christmas came early for me.

Terdoh: I think the greatest moment in soccer this year was seeing the nudes of the US female team’s goalie, Hope Solo. Not much to look at but still…great moment in football.

RJ: Smh. Though I’m a United fan I think Aguero winning the title in the 93rd minute for City has to be the highlight of the year. I mean, yea I’m still pissed, but I gotta admit it was a special moment.

Terdoh: Great for neutrals.

RJ: Exactly.

Terdoh: Just proves why the EPL is the best league in the world. The drama…

RJ: The suspense.

Terdoh: The unpredictability.

RJ: The passion.

Terdoh: The ra…woah! Feels like we’re two chics discussing Gossip Girls.

RJ: It’s Gossip Girl not Gossip Girls.

Terdoh: You would know. Anyway, in Germany, Dortmund’s star winger Mario Gotze has been in blistering form with his teammates. Winning the league for the second year in a row & coming up top of the group of death table in the UCL. Here he is below, celebrating right before scoring, which is a perfectly normal routine if you ask me.

RJ: Ha! Speaking of scoring whose goal was better? Mexes’ goal in the UCL or Zlatan’s against England?

Terdoh: First of all…

RJ: Go down…

Terdoh: Behave. First of all, I don’t know why Joe Hart always concedes goals like these. First it was Rooney now Zlatan. Dude probably doesn’t understand how these goals go over his head.

RJ: I see what you did there. Zlatan for me tho. That over-head kick was simply orgasmic.


Terdoh: That’s it? No “pause”? Are you guys seeing this? Mexes’ for me. It’s hard to pick but I’ll go with Mexes’ simply because the goalie was still on his line when the ball dropped.


RJ: I don’t agree with you but I get your point. Well, already a lot to look forward to next year. It promises to be exciting.

Terdoh: Man Utd VS Real Madrid: The Return of Ronaldo

RJ: The NBA finals. Clippers, Lakers, Spurs or OKC VS Knicks, Heat, Bulls or Celtics

Terdoh: Celtics?

RJ: Got a problem with that?

Terdoh: Nope. Umm, TheSuperbowl.

RJ: Wrestlemania.

Terdoh: Dude, that shit ain’t only acting that shit gay as hell as well. Men in black pants rubbing their bodies agai…

RJ: Shut it!

Terdoh: That will be all from us today folks. If you’re now an RJ groupie and you wanna see his work you can check it here at www.theinsanephenom.wordpress.com

RJ: *passes envelope to Terdoh when no one’s looking*

Terdoh: Have a great day guys. What’s left of it.



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