Rounds Week 6: Fake Lawyers, Another Kardashian Baby, Money Eating Snakes And More

Another episode of Rounds – the best thing since small chops. Read all the headlines that made the news around the world this week.


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Hello everybody, your favourite news anchors are here again
And something just happened right now
Actually a lot has happened
This week seems to have been quite a handful; highlighting the many holes in the fabric of our country called Nigeria
Speaking of one of such holes… Our mumu of the week award goes to…


I’m sure y’all are wondering where the rest of the post is
Hehe…well that’s because it’s now on our TNC Stories app
Which you all have refused to download because if not, you wouldn’t be here…
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In addition to Rounds of course.
Catch y’all on the other side then
And tell a friend to tell their neighbor


  1. K. Rukia
    I just read Rounds on the app and I loved it! I like being able to control how much material there is for me to read – you tap a button to reveal each line. And the format really makes you feel as though you’re listening in on a conversation. Very cool.
  2. Bkd
    I think we should still be allowed the web options. I use an iPhone 6 and the app requires iOS 10.3 and later. I’m one of those who’s reluctant to update my iOS because of the bad reports about the new iOS bugs. I can’t deal please. I guess I’ll have to let go as well.
    1. thetoolsman
      What bugs? I use 10.3 and it’s very stable. While we would have loved to keep both versions, we just can’t in terms of resources. As you’ve read here, it’s a much better experience on the app, and so we decided to go that direction.
      1. Bkd
        Bros, I don’t mean to argue but it was in the news o. A quick google search would confirm my fears. My tech guys at “plaza” dey complain too. I promise you I have no problem with the TNC app. Na the iOS update dey stress me.

        Anyways, did you get my email? Your loyal boy awaits your response.


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