Yes Mama 


Ada Sonia Igboanugo


“Mummy I am going to be late for school”

“I’m coming jor. Can’t you see I’m looking for my car keys? Where are your school bag and lunch pack?”

“They are outside”

“I hope you didn’t place it on the floor young lady because I will unleash my anger on you. Where are these keys biko kwanu?”

“Ooooh I’m going to be late for school. I should have followed Chuka and his dad. My recitation has already started.”

Mechionu there you this girl! Is it Chuka and his dad that pays for your school fees? Or do you fuel their car? Ah thank God I’ve found the keys. Oya lets go.”


“Ade!!! Where are you omoyi?”

“I’m in my room mama”

“What are you still doing in your room after I told you that I have to be at work in a few minutes? Why are you always being so difficult?”

“Mama I don’t want to go to aunty Ronke’s house again. Please mama I want to follow you to work, mama please. Or I can wait outside for you till you come.”

“If I hear one word about that from your mouth again I will slap you. You know how aunty Ronke helps me look after you when I have to go to work. I have to work to feed you. Yet you complain a lot. Why are you being difficult? Why are you always difficult? How will I pay your school fees if I don’t work or for this house we live in or even feed you that eats like an elephant? It is bad enough that your father left us and now you want to give me an additional headache? Why Ade, why? Please pick your bag and let us go. Make sure your assignment is inside and tell aunty Ronke to help you with your assignment do you hear me?

“Yes mama.”

“Oya oya ka ma lo, I am already late for work. I can’t afford to lose this job again”


“Go Ada! Whoop! That is my daughter up there! Nne bia

“Mummy did you see me perform?”

“Yes dear you were perfect. I was so proud of you…I am so proud of you. See you’ve brought tears of joy to my eyes eh? Congrats nwa m

“Thank you mummy. Are we going to my class for the Christmas party?”

“Yes after the recital is over.”

“Ok mummy”


“Its me mama Ade”

“Oh mama Ade I’ll be right there.”

“Ronke kaaro. E jo I’ve brought Ade to stay with you while I go to work as per usual.”

“No problem ma. Ade how are you? Why are you frowning your face? You don’t want mummy to go?”

Fi le jare. Don’t mind him. He’s just being stubborn. I didn’t know why his school had to go early for the Christmas break. Now I have to disturb you.”

“Ah kosi wahala ma. Ade and I play a lot of fun game. Don’t we Ade? You can go to work ma. He’ll be just fine”

Ose oko mi. Thank you. Oya Ade go inside. His assignment is in his bad. He can get busy with it so he doesn’t get in your way.”

Kosi wahala ma. O daaro. Say bye-bye to your mum Ade.”


“Go Ada go Ada Go! Go Ada go Ada Go! Twerk for mummy so I can record it- Whoop! See you’re beating others at this dancing competition. You will win the huge Christmas gift and I have it all on camera.”

“Mummy can you see me?”

“Yes Nne keep dancing. Shake your bum-bum very well.”

“Ok mummy.”

“You will win the prize nne, there are just two of you left. Keep dancing!”

“I’m trying my best mummy.”

“Haayy! My daughter has won ooo! Egwu! Ah Nne you have made me happy today. Oya come and finish up your food so we can start heading home. Are you thirsty?”

“Yes mummy I’m so tired, I can’t wait to go home.”

“We will soon be going nne.”


“Ade come here.”

“Yes aunty Ronke.”

“What was that fast one you were trying to play in front of your mother? You want her to be suspicious? If she finds out I will personally kill you myself.”

“She won’t aunty Ronke. I promise.”

“Good. You better. Oya come let us play our little play. Don’t you like it?”

“I…I do aunty.”

“So come here and take off your clothes. Don’t you know you are a man now, 7 years isn’t for kids o. You should start acting like a man. You already know what to do when I say take off your clothes. Oya, come to the bed. Come and play on my body.”

“Y…yes aunty.”


“Ada you’re going to stay with your uncle kachi while I go see your aunty nkechi.”

“But mummy why?”

“Because I can’t take you to Iyana oba it is very far and you’ll start complaining and asking for this and that. Biko I don’t have that kind of energy. Stay there till your father comes back, I nu go?”

“Will you buy me something on your way back?”

“I’ll think about it. Now bia.”

“Oga Kachi biko help me look after her for me I need to rush to the other end of town. Her father will come pick her up from here.”

“No problem ma. But he won’t stay long abi?”

“No he wouldn’t. I have called him already. Here is her bag and lunch pack. This 7-year-old woman doesn’t even remember anything. See how she left it on the floor. There is a camera in her bag. You can watch her Christmas party we just attended. You’ll see my Ada’s performance. Let me start going. Daalu nwanne.”

“Bye-bye ma, Ada lets go inside.”

“Mummy buy something o”

“If I can. Go inside.”

“Mummy bye-bye.”

“Ada how was your party?”

“It was fine uncle Kachi.”

“Your mummy said she caught it on tape. Let me watch it. Are you hungry? There are apples on the table in the kitchen. Go and take some.”

“Thank you uncle Kachi.”


“Ade why are you being slow. Touch where I asked you to touch now!”

“Sorry aunty Ronke.”

“Its ok. I’m sorry if I’m yelling. You know it is our little game. Take off your panties. It is time for the other one. Do you like our game?

“Y…yes aunty’’

“Good boy. Now come and suck my breast like you suck your mother’s own…good boy.”


“Ada ah-ahn is this you dancing in the video?”

“Yes uncle Kachi.”

“So you can dance like this. I didn’t know o.”

“Ah-ahn uncle Kachi I can dance very well.”

“Oya come and dance for me the same way you’re dancing in the video.”

“Ok uncle Kachi.”

“Hmmm nice Ada. Keep twerking. Face the TV and keep twerking.”

“Uncle Kachi do you like my dancing? My mummy taught me.”

“Yes…yes indeed I like your dancing. It is doing things to me…hmmm. Come Ada, come and sit on my lap.”

“Ok uncle Kachi do you want to give me sweet? Anytime my daddy wants to give me sweet he asks me to sit on his lap.”

“Yes Ada I want to give you sweet but a different kind of sweet. Ada your laps are fine o. has anyone ever told you?”

“Yes my mummy tells me.”

“Good good, she’s right. Always listen to your mother inugo?”

“Yes uncle Kachi.”

“You must be dirty from all that sweat today. Come let us go take a bath. Take off your clothes, nne.

“Ok uncle Kachi.”


“Mama please I don’t want to go to aunty Ronke’s house again. She…”

“She what? Will you shut up and go to your room you ungrateful child. Wa mbi, take that bag inside.”

“Yes mama.”


“Daddy… uncle Kachi did something to me.”

“What he beat you? I’m not surprised; you are a stubborn girl after all. He probably asked you to do something and you were hardheaded about it. Biko Ada I’m tired from work. Go inside the house.”

“Ada m I’m back. How are you?”

“I’m fine mummy. Mummy uncle Kachi…”

“Ah I forgot to thank him. Chai! Biko I will tomorrow. I’m so tired now. There was a lot of traffic on the road home. Ike agulam. Ada it’s late. Go to bed.”

“Yes mummy.”



Thanks to Ada Sonia Igboanugo for sending this in. Ada is a Writer for ThisDay Newspaper and Principal Consultant, RockhillPR.

You can also send in your stories to hello [at] thenakedconvos [dot] com. Please read the Post Submissions Guidelines first. 



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    No matter how busy we are as parents we should always take time to listen to our kids. Hushing them or being impatient with them can make us miss early signs of abuse and trauma.
    Nice story

    December 14, 2014
  • Avatar

    See as parents dey destroy kids lives, no matter how busy, take time to LISTEN. Dis might save a lot of Had I known!

    December 14, 2014
  • Avatar

    I live for write-ups like this. Really brilliant. P.s. many of us have been abused as kids and I hope parents in our generation make a difference.

    December 14, 2014
  • Avatar

    Brilliant, I wish a lot of parents get to see this and actually learn from it

    December 18, 2014
  • Avatar

    So sad

    December 19, 2014
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    I have read this article before on TNC, Nice one.

    October 4, 2015
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    Toni Osai

    Brilliant use of dialogue.
    Very important message too… I see firsthand how many parents work tirelessly to cater for kids that they end up too busy to spend bonding time with the same kids they work day and night for…

    October 5, 2015
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    October 5, 2015
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    Tjo! This just depresses me… to think some parents are part of the problem

    October 5, 2015
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    Parents should really make time for their kids and listen to them. Little things count. Say No to child abuse.

    October 6, 2015
  • Avatar

    Asides the beauty of its narration, it is reality. I pray parents would listen to their children more, no matter or “irrelevant” it may seem. Nice one Ada!

    October 9, 2015
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