Would You Tell Someone Close To You That They Smell Bad?


Mouth odour is the most common one. For someone who has indulged in cigarettes, I can tell first-hand how your mouth can stink if you do not take care of it properly after smoking. There are those who have not smoked a day in their life, eaten garlic or any nasty stuff but the smell…


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Mouth odour is the most common one. For someone who has indulged in cigarettes, I can tell first-hand how your mouth can stink if you do not take care of it properly after smoking. There are those who have not smoked a day in their life, eaten garlic or any nasty stuff but the smell from their mouth can only be coming directly from veeeery constipated intestines.

Then there is the king of all smells – body odour. If you live in Lagos, you must be familiar with the stench around Adeniji towards the end of 3rd Mainland Bridge. Turn off your AC when you go through that point next time and get an idea of what hell must smell like. Yep, some people can smell that way.  I tried telling a friend once and she quickly said ‘God forbid, it must be someone I hugged earlier’. Now, some people have this body odour and no deodorant or perfume from Lancôme or Givenchy can save them. I understand some are medical issues… This #potofbeans life sha!

Even body odour has grades, and the most difficult thing I think, is to tell your bae that they stink down there. Like how do you say it? “My baby, your pink rose smells like lemon grass today” or “My superman, did you spray mosquito coil today?” Several times I have wondered how it feels like for guys when they go down on a woman. Surely we do not all smell like fish down there but neither do we all smell like roses either.

Some people are definitely uncomfortable whenever they go down there. For others, well, let’s just say bless you for going down there and acting like its vanilla, chocolate and all things nice. I hail. However, don’t think we do not notice how you come right up to kiss us like, “Taste what I just went through” Yeah, yeah… We like our taste. No, we actually do! Ladies, back me up here!

Also, let’s not forget the guys that have some serious smells down there. Sitting with my girls, we talk about everything and anything and some have met guys who smell like he-goats down there. Fortunately, I don’t joke with hygiene in that area so I usually tell myself I can decode a guy before it gets to that stage, just by kissing. However, if I decide to give a guy head and he stinks, I will actually stop and ask if he minds taking a shower before we continue. Even after the shower, it is likely we will find a way to get down without involving the mouth in any activity after that.

However you see it, it is the most difficult thing to tell someone you love and the scariest too as you can never guess their reaction. This one is sensitive and can lead to anything as the recipient can get very uncomfortable. Next thing you know, sex in that relationship may become non-existent as the person will be ashamed and you know its downhill after that.  I know someone will say, “If I can’t communicate freely, then we should not be in a relationship in the first place”. It is not that easy especially when it is not like we are from the same village or have the same home training. This is one situation where you do not drop it like it is hot, and even with caution, reactions will vary.

The blessings that come with knowing everything is clean down there can only be likened to that scene in “Coming to America”. You want bae to be able to dive in there and come out saying ‘The royal penis  is clean, your highness!’”. Still, some people will rather live in denial than be told they stink. Others will rebuke you for telling them, some will waste a bottle of perfume once told and some would rather never be told. After all, if you love them, you have to accept them flaws and all, right?

Personally, I’d prefer to be told. I have to ask though, has anyone told you (lovingly or otherwise) that you smell? What was your reaction? Have you stopped someone from going down on you because you were not sure of how you smell or were scared to even find out? What would you do if you found out a friend or boo smells that bad down there? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Sly
    For me I’ll tell bae if he stinks but I’ll do that after reading his mood tho and lovingly help him get rid of it together while making him comfortable about me telling him in the first place.
    But for my best friend? I’ll tell him, yab him, taunt him, tease him and then recommend a suitable remedy because gaskiya i know he’ll do same and worse sef.
    Ild love to be told if i happen to stink at least it’ll help me avoid embarrassment
  2. Blaqlotus
    Please tell me if you I smell. I’d really appreciate it, at times we get used to the way we smell we don’t know if it’s bad or good anymore. I’d you if you smell too, and I really don’t know how I’d say it subtle. So..

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  3. nO2_EFX
    My mom told me about my “man musk” (well, i was a teenager then) to the point of scarring me psychologically.
    I think she had a really sensitive nose so the slightest stink wasn’t allowed.

    Because of this, I now wear deodorant (sometimes with perfume) after I shower at night before sleep.

    1. Cavey
      Expecting to go on a midnight date? *chuckle*
      I read somewhere that always clogging your pores isn’t such a great idea (you can look it up) so why not ease up on the night deodorant? (Please feel free to keep using your perfume)

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  4. Cavey
    Mother dearest has a sensitive nose and I wasn’t a huge fan of deodorants because the ones I’d used gave me rashes so growing up, to avoid being woken up with a bucket of soapy water (yes, it happened a couple of times), I bathed 2/3 times daily, tried my best to never wear my underwear more than once and I always closed my mouth after brushing to ‘keep the fresh breath in’ so bad odor and I? Not in the same sentence please! Then a girlfriend said to me one day “baby, there’s something I need to tell you but I don’t know how you’d react to I’m going to write it” and she grabbed my hand and scrawled “baby, your breath stinks sometimes”. I felt ashamed for a bit but I loved her more because I realized her sudden ‘addiction’ with orbit was because of me…she didn’t know how I’d react so she always had gum in her bag and we always played this ‘game’ of who could chew gum the longest. Now, I have a pack of gum in all my bags and I’m a lot more conscious of keeping my breath fresh.

    Stinking down there though? *shudders*

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  5. Kiki
    Well this is TNC so here goes…. i was told in my office that i smell. The woman who even told me i don’t even like her, so honestly i don’t believe i smell, Why? Because the person that decided to tell me about it, is not my friend. We have had issues in the past bcos she used to drop me off cos we live on same street. i stopped following her cos my fiance said women will always have issues & true to he’s word we did have issues. When i started stylishly avoiding following her, she took offence that i had changed in the new year 2016..hello.. new year resolution do not follow Ada home..lol. Also when she heard that i got engaged she also came to tell me about life bcos she’s married with 2 kids..she told me how she was the last to know & how i need to carry people along…& other rants i can’t be bothered. Anyway, back to my story, So she said it has come to her notice that i pespire alot & people re talking about it, so she felt d need to talk, that she rather it be her doing the talking, that she knows its embarrassing but u should use strong perfumes esp since i maybe sweat alot. I was too shocked to respond but i just didnt feel so bad cos i felt she only wanted to spite me. Even if i so called smell there are ways u say things. anyways, i use more perfumes now.. end of story life goes on. I feel tell people u are close to if not mind your business. cos it is really an embarrassment.
  6. Olushola
    Never really had issues with body odour, but on those occasions I slipped, my younger brother never spared me.
    ‘guy, your body dey smell’ or ‘you don baff today?’ he’d say. Stupid boy, but his sincerity paid off.
    Mouth odour though, not letting someone be great. I suffer this at those times I work solo or have no reason to talk to anybody. I’ve learnt to handle it now sha; brushing, rinsing with mouthwash and after every meal, chewing gum, never eating onions and minding whatever I eat.
  7. adventure
    lol… mums was a sucker for neatness, it was even extreme and her nose was more sensitive than that of a rat that smells food.. mamas nose perceives even the most little of things, so when you drift just a little.. she is calling you to order, i got so used to it that i made sure neatness became a sure part of me. Unfortunately my nose is like mums own too.. so i perceive every and when i met potential bae i told him i didn’t like the sweat smells and he worked on it, then i complained of breathe when he drinks he did work on that too.. maybe its communication or the means of communication.. but i would very much love to be told please, infact i don’t even mind if you insult me, insult no go kill me, sha tell me.. i would work on it and would sure be a better person..
    1. Anonabella
      A few days ago, after I got home from having a great time with bae, he goes like *when did your period end*? Then I said *2 weeks ago, why do u ask* Then he said* there was some kind of odour down there* Then I said *its probably because of the heat* because I was in black trousers for hours and the sun was not merciful. I am the kind of gal that smells herself everytime I take a bath cos I am concious of keeping down there fresh and I have never had this issue so I guess it was a one time thing. I am glad he told me. Its beta than not knowing so now I am gonna be extra conscious down there. Oh and it has not affected our relationship. We are upfront with each other so its cool.
      1. yettie
        If you saw your period 2 weeks prior…you were probably ovulating….hence the smell,it’s actually not a funny smell tho….more like heat period smell
  8. G B
    My mum actually scared/scarred me on this issue. She could smell an unwashed body from miles away. She did an excellent job and I’m certifiably uncomfortable about any body smells. Now, I’m brushing after almost every heavy meal, am constantly sniffing my armpits like a loon and walk around with deodurant (and powder for the balls). Sorry, TMI.
    Thanks, mum.
      1. G B
        Dude/dudette…. 😀
        Just enough to prevent that moistness that could worsen the ball ‘funk’. Not to whiten anything.

        How do you know it’s white powder, anyway? /:-)

        1. Twisted
          Its dudette o! moistness? this is intriguing…Its brown powder? as in you use a brush or a puff to apply…
          I’m so loving this. 😀
  9. Ugo
    Lol. Powder help o, I can tell first hand. Surprised no one is talking abt the smell from down below tho. Glad everyone has not said anything about that, means a lot of people are clean I guess.

    I wasn’t so lucky this one time, i did meet someone and when the panties came off, lord have mercy! It was funk up in there, I just stylishly avoided it and went to do other things with the body….with a condom x_x!

    1. Minxie
      Ugo, you just helped with ammo for this statement “Guys will sleep with anybody regardless” . I knew a guy who said there was a girl who had a reputation for the funk down there but was also a cheerful giver. They said guys frequented her place and would sick their noses out the window during coitus. What type of suffering is that?
  10. Moyosore
    First time Commenting *whoop whoop*
    Well, If i had a problem with the way a friend smelled, I’d let you know gently. I remember leaving a note in a friend’s desk telling her to work on her body odour signed with enough x’s and o’s to cushion the embarrassment (i was barely 14 but i was really embarrassed on her behalf)
    My Mom and Brother have no iota of subtlety. They’d say it as it comes. Someone with a funny smell came into my house while my brother was eating, he got pissed and refused to eat anymore because “he could taste her body odour in his noodles”
    I shaved Bae’s pits one time not because it smelled but because i didn’t like it and well my complaints didn’t bother him enough to take it out himself. It was a very intimate experience and methinks he’s growing more for this purpose. I could also get the person ‘powerful’ deodorants where my words fail me.
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  12. AG
    sometimes I don’t smell too fancy, sometimes I smell great, its normal. would I love a guy to tell me how I smell below when not right? absolutely. it makes me feel he understands the *no one is perfect* quote. Once, I had been with a man, by the time I smelt myself I was mad at why he did not tell I smelt funny…dude still maintained I was okay. I stopped being comfortable with him.

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