Thank You America For Reminding Us That We Are All A Little Racist


“I’ll fight to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans have full equality under the law, and to end discrimination in employment, housing, schools, and other aspects of our society.” – Hillary Clinton. “Mmmm…Naw” – Amerikkka, Nov 9, 2016 Yesterday while I was on the phone with my mom, during one of our usual weekly “when are you coming…


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“I’ll fight to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans have full equality under the law, and to end discrimination in employment, housing, schools, and other aspects of our society.” – Hillary Clinton.

“Mmmm…Naw” – Amerikkka, Nov 9, 2016


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Yesterday while I was on the phone with my mom, during one of our usual weekly “when are you coming home??” Q&A sessions, she asked how I felt about the US elections. It was a strange conversation because we have almost never talked about global politics so in-depth. Truth is, I feel like throughout the campaign period, my interest in the elections was piqued, but only because there was always some comedic spin to add to it. It was literally too good to be true. Because…

This was supposed to be the easiest election of all time.

Of. All. Time.

Then Nov. 9th happened. And the offset shocked everyone.

I find most of this mildly entertaining. I find it interesting that DT accused the American Democracy of being rigged and then it went ahead and worked in his favour. I find it hilarious that as many as 11,000 (or was it 14,000? Or 17,000?) people reportedly voted a dead gorilla and a bottle of liquor. The minority vote has never been enough to win elections in the USA. Why would you waste what precious little you have?

I find it entirely ironic that the demographic that has been accused of going against their own gender and voting a man over a woman did the exact thing the Democrats encouraged them to do: Choose the candidate you believe is better, regardless of gender. Well, they did. And to White Amerikkka, this orange man who speaks with sincerity is a far better candidate than the one who quotes Jay Z.


It’s a snide smirk at the snowflake generation. If you ask me. It’s a statement that says you millennials can talk about all the emotional issues that affect you, you can rack up likes on social media, you can get offended when some African president says his woman’s role is in the kitchen, you can perform impeccable mic drops at talk shows and you can retweet pictures of presidential candidates holding babies, you can be as sensitive as you want to be about feminism and women rights and gay rights, and how black lives supposedly matter…

…At the end of the day, it’s your country. And you’ll do with it as you please. If the result is electing a “racist misogynist” who ‘allegedly’ rapes women and evades his taxes, then so be it.

What I told my mother when she asked was that I was excited about the coming days. I told her we need more Trumps in Europe and America. I told her I laughed when the Canadian immigration site crashed because that was a small indication of things to come. I told her this is exactly how I felt after #Brexit happened. And most importantly, I told her to keep me updated about the trends in the banking sector, because that dollar influx is about to be lit.

My people in j'united state, plix start packing. Teinx.

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See, send Westi, let us help you buy land.

I think the moral of these past few weeks has been that 1000+ retweets can’t add up to make one vote. I mean we all thought social media ruled the world after Buhari thanked it for helping him get into power. But where are we now?

Another vital lesson is that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’ll probably vote for one. There’s a Donald joke in there, but he’s president now, and the new fad is famzing the Trump.

Thank you America, for reminding us that we are all a little racist, inside.


  1. Hephie Brown
    I may end up writing a post on your post..I may also ramble..I am sorry…I am hurt and I have been looking for how to vent to people who are not just about “Uncle Jimmy be coming home”’s funny, all these memes… but not funny.. I didn’t pay attention to the whole campaign drama because as far as I was concerned, DT was a side attraction and Hilary was the main candidate who was going to win. I saw a woman ruling the number 1 country in the world. I was feminist but a very good boost for confidence of women out here..same way Obama was sort of a boost for blacks.. guess who DT is boosting?

    Racism and prejudice are not the same things. Racism is prejudice plus power. Racism is the ability of one group of people to systematically impact the life chances and freedom of others who are deemed to be the “Other”.

    This Donald stands for everything America preaches against.
    Ever since i saw the movie Imperium I have been intrigued about the idea of white supremacy..I saw this somewhere “White racial innocence, and a sincere belief by many white folks that they do not hold racist attitudes, or benefit personally or collectively from systemic white racism, is an example of how white supremacy has evolved to make itself relatively invisible (to willfully ignorant white people) as a dominant social force in American life. Why are urban black and brown communities economically disadvantaged, and white communities (i.e. the suburbs), have been materially advantaged by comparison? Whose interests are served by a criminal justice system that disproportionately and unfairly punishes people of color?”

    DT is a virtual fascist who espouses and embraces the hatred of Muslims, Hispanics, women, gays, and Jews with a Republican majority in Congress, he will be free to cloak dictatorial edict in the robes of majority rule. Trump mobilized a base of white supremacists and racists and nativists and anti-Semites.

    Did you hear about this lady’s Danielle Moodie-Mills interview? I was touched…

    I will never famz trump or his ideology or how he won.. many life lessons are emerging and now he is a success story of someone who shocked the world.. no matter how bad he behaved people loved him..bla bla bla.. I mean the runz ghe on my street brought a Gwagon a while back and now she is a success i now want to go into runz? Nope…
    And now some people are saying Nigerians in Nigeia are overreacting afterall he is the president in Amrika not Nigeria we should mind our businesses.. wonder if they have heard of globalization…I’m done..

    Sorry Terdoh.. your words as usual provokes my thoughts..

    1. Terdoo Post author
      Damn. Don’t worry, we’ll give you Assistant Editor status.
      I mean it’s only right.

      You’re right though. HC was gonna be a boost for minorities and the LGBT community. Obama was a morale boost for black men and women across the world.

      DT on the other hand, won the elections and had the KKK on the streets the very next day.

      Yeah, the states are not united anymore. I would find my level if it were me.

      Meanwhile, brand new G Wagon is like 45m. Shey you will not introduce me to this your friend…?

      1. Hephie Brown
        “Yeah, the states are not united anymore. I would find my level if it were me.” Let them even scatter all these international institutions that tie developing countries to conventions that kill them..
        I kinda cant wait for the fall of America..maybe china will be the new megapower and I can just order original S6 charger from alibaba with Yen, straight with my GTB master will be like 200 naira..

        I refuse to introduce you to such a know they do “plusplus”(don’t ask me what it means)..she probably destroys destinies for a living..and she’s cashing out from it..I would really like it if you keep writing..we’re not her friends biko…

  2. Larz
    Why are we all so surprised.
    DT is a joke that won the primaries. He didn’t get knocked off in any of the early stages but we somehow expected him to lose his finals.

    Imo, the biggest winner of the day is his campaign manager. That lady is about to be the most sought after campaign manager in history. I think there should be a verb named after this miracle worker.

    I loved how she spun DT not having celebrity endorsement as a play that he is confident in his ability and notneed celevrities to win cuz he is the real deAl when he actually couldn’t get enough endorsement.

    1. Terdoo Post author
      It is my belief that we all exhibit (and inhibit) traits of racism. All of us, albeit at varying levels.

      America, in this case, has – consciously or subconsciously – shown us that they would much rather have their supremacy than pander to the world’s sensitivity.

      Its a not-so-subtle reminder. You see…
      Do you get it now?

  3. Mesozoic
    Nice article.

    On the other hand, Trump is part of a broad populist upsurge running through the Western world. It can be seen in countries of widely varying circumstances, from Sweden to crisis-ridden Greece. In most, populism remains an opposition movement, although one that is growing in strength; in others, such as Hungary, it is now the reigning ideology. Populism has captured the public’s attention. From Brexit, to Bernie Sanders to Trump, entering France and Italy too.

  4. Temi Niran
    I’ve honestly been too upset to even pen down my thoughts but I have to comment on this post, and I’ll honestly probably ramble as well. I mostly want to address your comment about women coming out to vote against what now (post exit polls) seems like their best interest. This isn’t completely accurate. About 91% of college educated black women voted for HC, while around 95% of uneducated BW also voted for her. Minorities for the most part, even though we of course had our issues with HC, did the work that needed to be done and voted for what we felt was the greater good. However more white women voted for Trump. Not because he was the better candidate regardless of gender, but because he served their best interest.Feminism, in the US, especially with regards to white women has NEVER included African American women. White people in general will choose white supremacy, and white women will choose their privilege over their feminism. They are white first, always. I’m so fucking upset, I’m gonna try not to punch anyone at starbucks tomorrow. Like…. fucking over it. sorry.
  5. bleble
    #litt…..we get an itsy bitsy bit of you pre-rounds, now? i really can’t wait.

    A family friend always says, “an average white man is racist” now i guess on some level, we all kind of are. I’d like to assume that most Americans voted for DT simply because he voiced their thoughts. Thoughts they cannot express because well “hate”.

    DT is now an enabler of sorts. People can go about spewing misogynistic, hateful comments about any and everything simply because one who did same got away with it and what’s more? he’s at the top of affairs… so yeah reports by on twitter aren’t that surprising.

    DT being president is like making the worst conspiracy theorist head of the CIA or NSA…. the next couple of year would be mad fun! a Republican majority congress and Senate? Ghenghenghenghennnnnnnnnn

    Why come to Nigeria, we seem to forget there’s a cooler albeit funny weird neighbor-canaduhhh…. The prime minister is cool, trying to legalize marijuana and he has a beautiful tattoo!!!!!

  6. redforx
    White America wanted Trump for some other reason. They gave him the presidency. They-and many others-also who made Obama president in 2008. He’s African American. So for me, this isn’t about racism.

    The masses wanted HC. The Electoral College wanted DT-and they made him president. Even, not putting into account the influence of the EC, the number of whites who preferred DT to HC were much. The margin was huge.

    I have come to understand that the people of middle-class to lower-class America have been disappointed severally by Presidents when they assume office. And with most of the big corporations backing and sponsoring HC- not excluding Wall Street-they thought of her as a puppet. A president who would play a script. DT on the other had single handedly sponsored his campaign (with other little donations on the side) which made many see him as uncontrollable by the oligarchs.

    If a presidential candidate in Nigeria had the popularity that DT had with no godfather’s backing, would that not make him a more interesting candidate?

    HC got majority of her votes from the non-white Americans because, obviously, DT made very sensitive comments which affected them all. But then, those against her understood her better.

    She is a war monger. This I ‘properly’ understood yesterday. She spearheaded the largest arms deal in history (about $80bn) between the USA and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia being an American ally and a key candidate). Wikileaks have exposed that the oligarchs in the Saudi Arabian and Qatari governments are major donors to her Clinton Foundation. Wiki also leaked emails where she stated that the Saudi and Qatar governments are those sponsoring the dreaded ISIS.

    And you are trading arms worth $80bn to that region?

    Obama was aware of US involvement in Libya (alongside Britain and France) which got Muammar Ghadaffi killed. But, as Secretary of the State, HC was at the forefront. She directed that war. Syria is on fire now. Thanks to them. They started it.

    The outcome of America’s election is more than what the reputable media (CNN, BBC…etc) show you. Dig deeper. Pay more attention to WHY things went the way they did.

    Trump isn’t better but I think, to them, ‘the devil they don’t know is better than the devil they know’.

    1. Andronicus
      America has always traded arms since way before HRC. I don’t think they’ll stop now. But I actually agree with your comment.

      The people want someone they believe will work for them not King makers or corporations. They felt DT was like them. No govt ties, foreign or local.

      Someone who expressed thoughts and feelings that previous govts declared racist or insensitive but what they said to themselves in their homes, pubs or country clubs.

      I think American is an overtly racist country unlike UK where they mask their racism and superiority with traditional English courtesy and politeness. Its worse once you learn to spot it.

  7. Nosa
    This was supposed to be the easiest election of all time?
    It appears you guys have been viewing America with honey-coloured lenses.
    America has always put America first and Trump is the perfect embodiment of that phrase. Call it selfish but it’s the truth. America will always protect the interest of America, however detrimental it becomes to other nations.
    After Trump won his party ticket and Hilary won hers, i always expected him to win. This guy gave put a voice to the sentiments of millions of America (however flawed and misguided it is). From the Iraq war which gulped trillions of dollars in taxpayers money and thousands of lives of its citizens, to Syria, to Libya, to the recession and then the migration of vital production jobs to China. Clinton was a featured image/representation of it all. And with Trump contesting her, it was just a simple matter of shining the spotlight on it all. Add to the fact that Clinton’s email scandal (if i call it such), perjury and those wikileaks reveals point to a classic waste in taxpayers money. It didnt aid her quest.
    Trump is the first major party candidate with no ties to Wall Street, Capitol Hill or the Military industrial complex ever. It was the perfect story.
    He could have have slamdunked election without being his racist and annoying self. All he had to do was put the spotlight on these issues.
    And all the media attention on him (including the negativity) well, it made people notice him more and then it was upto people to see what they wanted to see.
    I dont get this talk about people calling for the disbandment of the EC just because things didnt work out the way they wanted. 45 presidents have been elected and the only times the removal of the EC has been called for is when results don’t go their way.
    Trump might be a racist (who isn’t) but he isn’t everything America stands against. He is everything America is. And then he didnt cole from the establishment.

    I saw a tweet yesterday; someone said that Trump might claim and say he hates muslims, but Hilary has, through her actions, sone worse.
    And i though about it but it appeared true.

    America will always protect America’s interest even if it destroys another country and i don’t see Trump being different. But he was something enirely different from Clinton and the establishment. And a lot of people went for that.

    I can’t say the elections were motivated by race of gender, maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t. But i can confidently say it was motivated by SELF-INTEREST. And since people have spheres of self-interest overlap, people just chose the one they felt/thought was more important (for lack of a batter word)

  8. E
    Now, no so called superpower should tell another country how to play their democracy. Let everyone choose their type of democracy.
    Of all the varying realities of democracy globally, the one where the person with the most human votes loses the election is most absurd.

    _Omojuwa 10th NOV. 2016 (twitter).

    Wherever i see dis #Election talk, i simply drop d 👆👆👆.

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