Zoe jerked around in her bed as the buzzing continued. Having been thwarted by the disrespectful insect which had tormented her only when she was by herself, Zoe had decided once more to search for it. She needed to put an end to this insolence.

Sluggishly getting out of bed, Zoe gently parted her curtains and then, as usual, the buzzing stopped. Like a joke, the buzzing which had woken her up from sleep and then continued for what seemed to Zoe to be hours, had stopped! She plopped back into bed even more frustrated than when she got up, and as if the insect was watching her through her pink transparent chiffon curtains, the buzzing began again. Zoe let out a mild grunt, trying not to put much thought into it as she buried herself in her thick blanket. She tried to tune it out as she did many other things such as the noise that came out of her father’s radio and her sister’s loud snoring, but it was all to no avail.

She crumpled her sheets and tugged at them till they started to come out of the bed frame. The buzzing had gotten angrier, louder and more frustrating; it was as if the bug was begging to be freed from the confinement of being between the net and glass of the window. It was persistent, and its persistence ticked Zoe off. Yanking her sheets out of the right edge of the bed frame, she frantically sped towards the window again. This time, she would carefully inspect the window frame for any movement in the hope that she would find the culprit. When the buzzing paused, she would tap on the net, causing dust to fill her nostrils, and finally get a reply from the insect.

So she went, following the sound to the bottom right corner of her window pane before gently sliding the net open. Ensuring that the glass was shut tight, she rolled and pushed aside a mixture of dust and cobwebs with her index finger, only to reveal the half withered remains of a wasp.

Confused, she took two short steps backwards, her gait awkward, and bumped into what felt like a wooden stick. Anxious, Zoe slowly spun around only. Before her stood a creature the size of a full-grown man, but there was certainly nothing human about it. As it gazed down on Zoe with its rusty eyes and mucus oozed from its trumpet-shaped mouth, she – paralysed with fear – finally figured out where the buzzing was coming from. With a sinister sneer, it spoke.

“Looking for me?”


  1. Hermione Cullen
    Creepy? Yes. But I don’t get it. Was the creature invisible before that she can lii don’t see it on her way to the window? How did it just appear like that? Maybe I’m missing something.

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