The Greatest Hip Hop Feud Ever

Oh man, last week was super insane to say the least. But few things have been as glorious, as depressing, and hilarious as watching Atlanta rapper B.o.B get taken down intellectually by my favorite scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. DISCLAIMER: This is the part where I start to nerd out about two of my most favorite things…


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Oh man, last week was super insane to say the least. But few things have been as glorious, as depressing, and hilarious as watching Atlanta rapper B.o.B get taken down intellectually by my favorite scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

DISCLAIMER: This is the part where I start to nerd out about two of my most favorite things on the planet, namely, science and hip hop.

Okay, so quick recap:  Last week, a celebrity Tila Tequila came out stating with all apparent seriousness that the earth is flat. The internet had a good laugh about it. With a name like Tequila, I’m sure a lot of people think that’s what she was drinking when she made those claims. Then, this week, seemingly from left field, rapper B.o.B, you know, that guy who sang “Airplanes,” came out basically agreeing with her. You can read some of his twitter rant here.

It can be argued nobody really takes Tila Tequila seriously, but when someone with as much influence as B.o.B has starts saying things like that, it attracts attention, especially that of world-renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who tried AND FAILED to convince B.o.B that the earth is not flat. As if that wasn’t enough, B.o.B released a diss track against Dr. Tyson (I wish I were making it up). That’s when this shit went from great to fucking awesome. First, Dr. Tyson gets help from his rapper nephew and Drake’s beat for “Back to Back” to reply B.o.B with a diss track of his own. All of this graduates to epic when Tyson himself goes on television and deals B.o.B a Mortal Kombat worthy verbal fatality with his take down. See Below:

Let’s just start by agreeing that now, Drake has set the standard for how diss tracks go. It’s like once you invoke that beat, you automatically win on principle. B.o.B has taken down this diss track, but you can definitely read the lyrics online. Overall, his performance was disappointing. The lyrics were weak and not to mention, that EKG beep in the background is annoying as hell. (If you ever find the actual B.o.B track, you’ll see what I am talking about.) It seems weird to me a novice rapper like Steve Tyson could so easily shut down someone who is clearly more seasoned on a lyrical level. I’ve listened to some of Tyson’s other stuff and he clearly has potential, but he’s also clearly still green at his craft. He strikes as someone who’s very deeply influenced by old school rappers like Kurtis Blow. He painstakingly enunciates words properly, which isn’t terribly common these days, especially when you compare that with performers like Like Rich Gang whose lyrics are occasionally so hard to decypher that it leaves people to wonder if they’re having a stroke or speaking in tongues.

Secondly, let’s all just sit and think about the fact that an astrophysicist  a) drops a diss track against you and then b) goes on television literally mic drops you. It’s gotta suck to be B.o.B right now. After seeing that clip, It’s clear that Dr. Tyson missed his calling as a rapper because that is very OG. Not to mention his actual voice sounds like he should be the announcer on Mortal Kombat. Just play it back and listen to him say “This is called GRAVITY!!!!!!”

Lastly, the sheer absurdity of this unlikely match up relative to how insane the topic is made this one of the most high profile beefs in recent memory. This may arguably be one of the fastest resolutions to a high profile beef that I have ever seen.

For all these reason, I submit to you that this is in fact the greatest hip-hop feud ever.

What do you think? What’s the greatest feud you’ve ever seen?

Please Note: I’m being hyperbolic here. lol. Some feuds have resulted in people losing their life in terms of seriousness, I think those take the cake. Also, I consider this to be quite an intelligent lot, but just in case we have any closeted flat earthers, here’s some information to keep in mind.

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  1. Snow
    ” I’m being hyperbolic here.”

    I was getting ready to throw down until i saw that line.

    Plus i also believe and the hyperbole is mote emphasized here
    -Drake has set the standard for how diss tracks go.

    Now back to the post.
    I got a good laugh out of it,
    and to think some white kids went along with it

    One was even saying since the earth rotates at over 7m/hour , if he goes outside and jumps,he should be able to land in another state.

    And he got the best reply ever
    “No need to go outside, just stand in your living room and jump, you should land in your kitchen”

  2. JAL
    Epic. All I can say is epic. B.o.B. needs to do his research properly and stop dissing. That is not how to win arguments. If you feel the earth is round, counter every arguement supporting this and do not come out with half baked hypotheses. Imagine if I woke up in the morning and said that fresh green grass is good for you. Why? Cows eat it and get really fat! Mstchew….!
  3. Dafididafidi
    Three comments shows what u should have done which is “”” IGNORE “” these so called musicians(?) and their erratic disses and behavior pattens it’s obvious that its all about seeking attention for ratings. I am surprised that the so called astrophysicist actually deemed the whole thing worthy of a reply not to talk of joining the whole monkey circus and imitating them. Sorry no of fence meant
  4. nikky
    On a serious note Drake did not set the standard for how diss tracks go in my opinion. Tupac did with hit em up.
    it’s shocking to see how dumb some “influential people” are.
      1. nikky
        Yeah I know you were being hyperbolic, that was why I said on a serious note.
        I don’t think Drake killed Meek’s career. I’m not a Meek fan btw. I think he will still do music. He just lost his beef with Drake that’s all. Jay Z lost his beef with Nas and he’s still here.
  5. Katniss
    Kai! This astrophysicist can be a part time rapper. Nigga got game.
    Ps- I must have been living under a rock cos I didn’t get to hear about this
  6. BlackPearl
    GASPPPP!!! Oh Snap!!! How did I miss this!!! That was epic. I cannot believe BoB actually believes the earth is flat. And Tyson! Didn’t know he had that in him. That WAS epic!!!
  7. Tola
    Nikky, I don’t think Jay actually lost that feud. Firstly, it was mutually squashed. Also, from the way I heard it, there was an opportunity for the two them to have a freestyle battle (which Nas would have likely won) but Nas declined. I was never quite clear on why that was. But then again, this is all hearsay.

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