It happened all of a sudden. Out of nowhere, this car smashed into me, and I flew out of my seat unto the road, where I would spend my last few moments wondering about the idiot who killed me. I wondered who else was injured seriously or would die from that freak accident.

When I saw the light, I was so angry that the idiot had stolen my life just like that. In a moment of recklessness, they had sentenced my child to being motherless in a cruel world, and sentenced my husband to misery. Oh the needless grief they have caused my family and friends just because they wanted to save one second of time to get to where they were going faster!

I wonder where they were going that was so important! Did they make it there themselves? Alive? Will they get away with my murder?! Or will they be filled and tormented with the guilt that their foolish actions ought to provoke. Oh, what injustice! That they should live and not spare me a thought everyday for as long as they lived.

The angel came to me, and saw that I was fuming. He asked me why I was angry. I told him my frustrations; about how an idiot came out of nowhere and slammed into me. I told him about how I was in a hurry myself to get somewhere on time. I told him that the streets were filled with so many inexperienced, careless and crazy drivers, who do not give consideration for others. I demanded to know who was responsible for my death. His words shocked me to the core.

“It was you! You are the idiot who killed yourself and almost killed other people in the process. The only person you should be mad at is you.”

“But… but… but…” Those were the only words that could escape my mouth, until I remembered. I had seen the other driver coming, but I thought I could make it if I went a little faster, instead of slowing down. After all, I had right of way… How I had misjudged the situation! If I had only been patient, and considerate and humble, maybe I would still be alive.

I began to cry as I wondered about the other person… What if I had killed them too? What if they were now to live the rest of their lives with a disability? What if they had one or more dependents, who will now suffer, because of my momentary madness! “Oh, God, oh God,” I cried. “I hope they are okay.”

“They are fine”, the angel said to me. “But, unfortunately, you only have one life. So come with me. You must give account to your Maker.”

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  1. Oiyk
    i really hope the sunday early road users read this and have a change of mind on how they use the road. Interesting thing is they (the party’s involved) are going to the same place to worship. Great read and good enlightenment too.
  2. CeeCee
    I love it, great piece.
    If we could just slow down sometimes and not always be in a hurry. Arrive alive, drive safe, concentrate. If we kill ourselves, those things we are hurrying to meet will still be there, someone else just takes over. All you get is a moment of silence.
  3. Mikelo
    Wow… Beautiful short piece. So shallow (in terms of physical depth/length) yet so deep (thought wise). I hope the writer in you gets to eat with the greats in your field. Cheers
  4. Terdoo
    Yo, this one struck on a personal note. Nigerians never practice defensive driving.

    If everyone else on the road is mad, why are you joining in the madness? Who told you they needed your contribution?

    Thank you, Ufuomaee, for this post. I hope it resonates as strongly with other drivers as it did with me. We really need to drive better as Nigerians (read: Lagosians. Cos those ones are actually mad)

    1. Ufuomaee Post author
      I wrote this post for myself actually. It came to me while I was driving on the road, that if I died, due to my arrogance and carelessness, I would have only myself to blame. I am trying to be more mindful on the road, but it can be hard not giving as good as you get with all the stubborn and arrogant goats on the street! It is only by God’s grace that I am alive…

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