The Nice Guy™


They believe the myth that if they’re nice enough, otherwise known as being a decent human being, to women then they should be rewarded with sex. They don’t understand the fact that women can want to friends with men without wanting to fuck them.


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A Nice Guy™ is a guy that thinks that he has so many qualities, that he is so nice with the ladies (as the name says), that he isn’t like “these guys who are jackasses and treat them so badly”. For that reason, he thinks that he is perfect for most women.

The Nice Guy™ believes that the only reason he isn’t getting he feels he should be getting is that he’s simply too nice and women don’t like nice guys like him. Women prefer Yoruba demons and sugar daddies so they “friend zone” him (I hate this word). He firmly believes that he is God’s gift to women and any woman who cannot see that is clearly a bitch slut who can’t keep it in her pants. Many nice guys are sexist and do sexist things. They believe the myth that if they’re nice enough, otherwise known as being a decent human being, to women then they should be rewarded with sex. They don’t understand the fact that women can want to friends with men without wanting to fuck them. They feel entitled to women’s bodies because they’re “good” not like the strapping muscly types who “use and abuse” women. They fail to take into account that nice is not enough, nice is the bare minimum. You have to appeal in other ways too, such as being an interesting person.

They put women on a pedestal, turning them into caricatures of themselves. Full offence but men that act nice and behave like buying women things will lead to them getting fucked are disgusting and are living proof that too many people still think of women as objects to be obtained. The thing with nice guys is that their niceness on anybody else would be counted as basic human decency. Nice guys usually react to rejection with violence as evidenced by article after article detailing how a man murdered a woman because she simply said no.

Nice guys rape women because they said no to dates because they feel like they own women and their bodies so much that no simply doesn’t compute. Nice guys go out of their way to be a shoulder to cry on, helpful friend, and confidant. Their long-term hope is to have the woman develop feelings for them and to “realize” that they were “the one” all along. They try to insert themselves into a boyfriend like a role in an attempt to ease into the position for the sole purpose of sex as a reward. This predatory behaviour makes them no different from the men that they demonize.

When they are confronted or let down by the woman that they have fixated on, they respond by playing the victim as a ploy to gaslight or to get sympathy. Typically Nice Guys™ are often social outsiders who have been subjected to cruelty by bullies, authority figures and women and while these events are real and valid, they usually manifest in predatory and destructive behaviour. They feel like they are ethically superior to other men, while simultaneously degrading the majority of women as liking only bad boys. They feel overlooked and underappreciated which causes them to hyper-focus on women as both sinner and saint. They treat women as saints while setting the stage to receive the sex they feel they deserve but as sinners, if they don’t get the sex they’ve worked so hard for. This is toxic masculinity and predatory behaviour wrapped in one. When they have been rejected, they enter the “friend zone” (ugh). They act like they are fine with being just friends with the object of their obsession but are deeply hurt by the rejection. The “friend zone” is a way to shift the blame on the woman for rejecting the man. They see themselves as the white knight who is going to swoop in and save the woman from herself.

The Nice Guy™ relies on male privilege and position. The woman is supposed to choose the better partner i.e. him so that he can elevate her. She becomes a villain when he is rejected even though she as a human being has the right to decide who she is romantic with or sleeps with.

The Nice Guy™ does not believe that she has these rights, and as such is a destructive construct of toxic masculinity. No one benefits from these scenarios.


    really? who hurt you dear writer? so once its said that a guy is nice, he’s automatically a psycopath or a potential murderer, TNC na wa for una o… plus the punctuations and mistakes in this article that could have been better written…
  2. Uzzy
    The umbrella of “nice guys” is a broad one. Who then can we trust? Are you favourably disposed to “bad guys” then? I’m afraid you leave your readers with no solution…or hope.
  3. Love
    While I get the point of this article, a couple of things that were just wrong about its construction (literally and figuratively) made it too easy to ignore where you were headed with this.

    In my opinion, there were way too many rash assumptions and conclusions.

  4. E.j
    Plz we are not all these…

    #From_a_The Nice Guy

    The generalization be too much, some points be true,but some are too dark and not true at all

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