The Wool of Spirituality

I was going through Twitter recently when I saw a tweet about a lady who was 23 years old and had never been approached by a guy despite being very beautiful. That is, no guy had ever asked her out. Now what surprised me wasn’t the tweet but the replies to the tweet – over…


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I was going through Twitter recently when I saw a tweet about a lady who was 23 years old and had never been approached by a guy despite being very beautiful. That is, no guy had ever asked her out. Now what surprised me wasn’t the tweet but the replies to the tweet – over half of them attributed it to spiritual reasons. “Spiritual mask tins”, “she needs to see a pastor”, “let her go and wash her head inside river” were just some of the ridiculous replies I saw. And I was just like…


While I agree some of them may be jokes (I actually hope they are), I think it just highlights a prevailing mindset many of us have in this part of the world which needs to be addressed. So what exactly is wrong with such mindsets you may ask? Well the truth is, apart from the utter ridiculousness of it, if you believe a problem is spiritual, you’ll, consciously or unconsciously, keep looking for a spiritual solution instead of a physical one, and that’s where the problem is. This I believe is a major reason why we’re still far behind our European counterparts. It is also why I believe many still fall prey to numerous fraudsters who pose as pastors and ask for the most ridiculous items all in a bid to fleece them of their hard-earned money! I mean there are a thousand and one other reasons to explain that lady’s predicament other than spiritual forces- it could be a bad attitude, or probably that she always hangs around guys so every other guy thinks she’s in a relationship. It could just even be plain bad luck! Nothing says a guy can’t approach her the next minute. So why is it the spiritual answer that comes to mind first?!

If we take a look at the most developed countries in the world, it’s not so hard to notice that the one thing they have in common is that they are not so heavily invested in the spiritual. That’s because they have learnt to solve their problems themselves rather than wait for help from above. Every breakthrough we’ve had in science and technology today has happened simply because men and women like you and I refused to settle for the convenient ideology that our problems are spiritual and thus, beyond us. Imagine if humans continued believing that sicknesses like epilepsy and mental illnesses were caused by demons, we wouldn’t be able to treat such things in the hospital today. Or imagine if people saw events like eclipses, earth quakes and so on as supernatural events, scientists would not be able to accurately predict when these things would happen like we see today. I’m sure none of you reading this will agree that thunder is caused by Sango or Amadioha so why can’t we extend that same logic and level of understanding to other areas of life? Our forefathers believed this because they didn’t know better but we that are supposed to be better off are ironically still wallowing in the same mindsets they had. Just some weeks ago, NSCDC officials rescued a 9 year-old boy who was chained in the name of deliverance from the spirit of stealing by a pastor, who surprisingly is also his father. I mean, we can’t continue like this!

Every time in our respective churches, we are asked to pray for Nigeria but yet things don’t seem to be getting better. At the same church, we are told that God is not deaf to the prayers of his children. So why aren’t things changing? Maybe it’s God’s way of telling us that the solution lies more with us than with Him. What if you spent 40 minutes daily preparing for that job interview instead of fasting for 40 days? What if you took time to examine what really went wrong in your business instead of attributing it to your family members in the village? What if you actually did your part as a good citizen of Nigeria instead of praying for Nigeria week in, week out while your actions contradict your supplications?

Am I saying the spiritual realm doesn’t exist? Not exactly, but I just feel its influence in our world has been highly over-estimated! In medicine, there’s something known as a ‘diagnosis of exclusion’ and it simply means a diagnosis you arrive at only after excluding other more likely diagnoses and that exactly is how I believe we should see spiritual problems. They should be the last option after excluding every possible logical cause, although personally I think that’s impossible, just depends on your level of determination. Do we have all the answers? Definitely not but the fact that it can’t be explained today doesn’t mean it won’t be explainable tomorrow. Personally I hate hearing that so and so was the result of ‘jazz’ or ‘juju’, it’s just not compatible with my educated mindset. As a matter of fact, the only jazz and juju I know are genres of music but hey, what do I know?

So guys what do you think, do you agree that we really are too spiritual or are we taking certain things for granted? I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Anon1989
    I’d strongly recommend you pay just a little attention to the spiritual realm. With my experiences I have come to the conclusion that there’s activity there. So, the young girl in question actually needs to seek spiritual help.

    Haba! Not one person! Not one single person. Not even a married man.

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    1. Gozi
      She obviously didnt consider touts and people whom aren’t half as refined as she is. She was probably just reffering to people she finds dateable, or her peers.Shes not the first or only girl in a situation like this, there are at least a thousand people like this out there. Morbidly obese people in Nigeria are part of them, disabled people too, theyre all human beings, some wih amazing personalities, but because they look different, they are shunned and left for the perves to perch on.
  2. Tee boy
    I agree with you @sagachristos. People tend to lean too much on the spiritual instead of facing their challenges head on.
    What really amazes me is how every Tom Dick and Harry knows how to instantly diagnose spiritual problems. It can be highly misleading and destructive.
    Because you don’t know the answer or solution does not make it a spiritual problem.
    This pretty girl in question…are you sure you have all the details about her story?
    Is she mostly indoors? Is she always overly guarded.
    Is she allowed to interact freely?
    I won’t be surprised if it’s the same person complaining is the same person preventing her from having ‘good’ visibility by the malefolk.
    1. Sagachristos Post author
      You spoke my mind all over again. I think it’s just a cowardly excuse not to do something about what we’re facing. Why work on yourself when you can just blame innocent spirits for your problems?
  3. Optimus Prime
    Religion is the opium of the masses. It has become the default go-to solution to every problem & it’s often the most convenient option for our folks.

    What has not having a man chat one up gotta do with spirituality? It’s insane the way religion has made the average Nigerian a lazy thinker.

    My friend was just telling me a week ago that Arsenal fans in Lagos go into days of fasting and praying. How can one explain such madness?

    These over-religious folks want to turn God into a magician. You are fasting for Arsenal to win when the players themselves are partying, male-whoring, etc. I can’t work it out in me head.

      1. Joel
        The one about working in Ghana happens to be my favourite. And honestly, religion has made most of us lazy thinkers. It’s becoming irritating. Spiritual mask indeed
  4. Madam 23
    While we cannot deny or totally exclude the existence of the spiritual realm (it is as real as the air that you breathe), we should also not underestimate the power of a ‘lazy mentality’. There are different types of people in this world, including those who are too lazy to think about a solution to a problem and would rather attribute it to ‘spiritual powers’ just to exonerate themselves from thinking of a solution. Good write up.

    As for the babe in question, it is very possible. When you say she’s beautiful, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are a thousand and one reasons why no one has asked her out at 23, she’s not the first and she definitely won’t be the last.

  5. Kambili M.A. Chimalu
    See eh, I have never believed in all this spiritual shebang. Everything has a natural cause. For the lady, I don’t even believe not one single soul has asked her out. People sometimes exaggerate to drive a point home.
  6. Serene
    Chances are, she is a young lady who goes out. The days she does go out maybe days that people of like minds are not on that route. I find it difficult to attribute anything to spiritual attack even though I believe they abound. I do my best, I exhaust everything possible and I pray while at it. No spiritual anybody will cover my face or destiny, I’m not covering anybody’s own.
  7. Coker Yinka
    As a matter of fact, the only jazz and juju I know are genres of music…………*claps in slow motion* You dey buss brain abeg lol.

    Great write up. I have always wondered about the God factor (Will keep the rest of the contentious point to myself)…we must always aim for practicality over spirituality. The day Nigerians realize we need more than prayer to change Nigeria, Nigeria will begin to witness positive change.

  8. Ufuomaee
    This is a really thought-provoking post. I like your arguments and you’ve addressed a lot of things I also have issue with, with people who consider themselves spiritual. Many are just superstitious.

    While I agree with much you have said, my reservation with this piece is the way the spiritual realm seems to be discredited altogether. Even if the issue is physical, it doesn’t eliminate a spiritual component. The spiritual can and does affect the physical. But we should always try to resolve issues naturally, and we can consider that it may be spiritual is we continue to meet road blocks, as well as consider that there are other things we may not yet know.

    I don’t agree that we should only consider that a problem might be spiritual when we’ve ruled out every possible explanation and exhausted our strength…because if we sought God for wisdom, He would enlighten us on the issues and how to resolve them…and His solution would most likely require us to do more in the physical anyway, but at least we would have honoured Him with faith, rather than coming to Him as a last resort – a just in case possibility. Seeking Him early ensures that we don’t also waste needless energy on a problem that would have been resolved if we had gone to Him for counsel first.

    Those who are truly spiritual are not superstitious. We are reasonable people, and we know that God has all wisdom. Wisdom would not discredit the realm of the spiritual, and it would also not ignore the natural and the knowledge already gained through science.

    Cheers, Ufuoma.

  9. Seun
    It’s intellectual laziness that has been woven into the mental fabric of the Nigerian society. I’m a big advocate of logic and I believe everything, including the “spiritual” can be broken down by logic with the appropriate amount of knowledge. Not having enough knowledge about something doesn’t make it an unexplainable phenomenon. A greater percentage of our countrymen are too lazy to invest in knowledge and thus follow the easy path of spirituality.

    I was in church recently and the man leading thanksgiving prayers in a bid to encourage the congregation to praise God more, cited the story of a man who looked healthy physically, put his head on a table during a meeting and died(why should another man’s tragedy inspire me to thank God?), He went on about how it’s the work of the devil and all that spiritual nonsense. There are a number of medical issues that could have caused that, brain aneurysm being one of them. Instead of alerting people to the dangers of medical issues that could cause that to happen, we are waging war against an imaginary enemy?
    I don’t believe our mentality will change though, I’ve come to accept it as our reality; If we still bank on God for solutions and a better country despite the hundreds of secular countries doing much better than us, we won’t change.
    As they say, ‘we go dey alright’

  10. Ramatu
    Thank you for this Sagachristos. It is frankly annoying. While I do not negate the presence of the other realm of the universe, I believe that we should focus on science and logical and basic laws that guide the earth. If we were supposed to be jumping in the spiritual, we should have been left in heaven. We cannot continue to wallow in ignorance in the name of ‘spiritual’ things.
  11. Hieu Vu
    That is really useful. I would like to request if it would be all right if I state some of that on my personal weblog. Of course, I would compensate you, and link back here also.
  12. Wisdom
    No matter how educated you are, science can detect what is wrong with you if the problem is from that woman in the village or an envious neighbour. Our society is more spiritual than the west. Please you guys should stop using education as a yardstick for comparing yourself with the west. In this part of the world, there is very dark spiritual history. As a matter of fact, we are more spiritual than scientific. Truth is never stale.
  13. Jude
    @sagachristos I agree with you on this. Over emphasis on the spiritual breads mental laziness which is a plague upon Africa. Blaming everything on the meta-physics is an “easy way out”. I am currently giving church a brake(not advice-able unless you really know what you are doing) to have a rational and objective view of my life. I am performing way below my potential and it hurts. I want to give this subconscious mental laziness(yes unknowing you may be leaving everything to the “divine” ) a brake and see how things turns out.
    This video might give us an insight why Africa is poor, although not all the points are valid from my own perspective.

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