SHORT STORY: The Wrong One


Cody was beginning to feel wary. And yet, everytime Tata spoke, he could feel his heart pump more blood to his groin. “Whoever she is, she is going to be so much fun.” Cody didn’t see Tata reach into her purse. He didn’t see her pull out the little pink bottle of pepper spray.


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Cody woke up with a start, a dull throb in his head. He could still feel the peppery sting in his eyes. It took a couple of minutes for them to adjust to the darkness.

Where am I? What is going on? Where is she?

He tried to moved his hands, but they could only move as far as the handcuffs let him.

There was a slight creak as the door opened. Cody felt the rush of wind a split second before a hard palm connected to his face, the resounding slap echoing in the room.

“Wake up, mutula. The boss wants to speak to you.”

A fluorescent light sputtered into life, illuminating the room and its occupants. Cody looked around, his eyes settling on the tall lanky bearded man standing behind three men, who were obviously his bodyguards.

He must be the boss. What does he want with me?

“Excuse me sir, there must be some sort of misunderstanding here. I think you’ve gotten the wrong one, I don’t know who you are and I don’t think I’ve ever had any dealings with you before.”

The bearded man smirked, before gesturing to a figure still standing outside the door.

“Cherry, come. Is this the vermin?”

The figure stepped into the room, and Cody’s heart skipped several beats as soon as the light settled on her face.

Oh God. How could this happen?

Cherry stared at Cody, her eyes welling up with tears. Oh my God, please don’t do this. Please don’t say anything. Cody wished he could communicate with her telepathically.

Cherry wiped her eyes, still looking Cody straight in the face. He could feel tension in the air as a lone tear dropped down his left eye. Finally, her lips moved.



For as long as Cody could remember, he had always been attracted to a certain type of woman. It didn’t matter their race, religion, size, language, whatever. There was always one unifying factor when it came to his type of female: Age.

He liked them young. Unspoiled by the penetration of too many blood-swollen rods. He liked the way their young bodies writhed underneath his. He liked the blank look on their faces, the drugs already swimming through their veins making them docile, yet pliable enough to his every command.

He liked being able to spot them, the ones ripe for plucking. He liked the hunt, the scheming, the chase, every single step before they finally took a sip of his special elixir—his degree in pharmacy had come in handy here—and fell into his bed.

He loved it when he felt a little resistance before finally sliding in. That slightly hotter feel of warm blood on him as they writhed in pain, their innocence forever gone. The knowledge that he was first to venture in always drove him crazy. Always made him want more.


The mall was packed today. This particular mall was a favourite hunting ground for Cody. Always packed with nubile teens, their young bodies screaming out his name. And it was always so easy. A slice of pizza and some ice cream, maybe a movie or two, and they were ready to ditch their friends and head home with him.

He saw her sitting alone, a bottle of Pepsi in front of her, her eyes glued to her cellphone.

She’s the one.

Cody walked up to her table.

“Do you mind if I sit here?”

She tore her eyes away from the screen of her phone, giving Cody a quick glance before her eyes settled on his clean-shaven face, a smile appearing on her lips.

Cody smiled back.

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Thank you. May I ask why a beautiful young lady such as yourself is sitting all alone. Hope no one had the effrontery to stand you up? I’m Cody by the way”

The smile on her face increased.

She’s actually blushing. This is too easy.

“I was waiting for some friends, but they just texted me that there’s too much traffic. Oh, and my name is Patricia, but everyone calls me Tata.”


Cody turned on the clicked on the remote, and the music system came on. The pre-programmed sound of Michael Jackson singing ‘Give In to Me’ softly filled the room.

“Make yourself comfortable while I go get us those cocktails I promised. It’ll only take a couple of minutes”

“What are you doing?”

Cody froze, the bottle of his special elixir still in his hands. He turned around to see Tata standing behind him, her purse in her hand.

“Making us the drinks as promised”

“No, I saw you pour something into the glass. What are you doing”

Who is this girl? The others were usually too engrossed in the television to even bother to check on him in the kitchen.

Cody was beginning to feel wary. And yet, everytime Tata spoke, he could feel his heart pump more blood to his groin. Whoever she is, she is going to be so much fun. Cody didn’t see Tata reach into her purse. He didn’t see her pull out the little pink bottle of pepper spray.

He felt his eyes and nose heat up, his throat constrict as the inflammatory aerosol hit his face. The hot tears were instantaneous. He felt the blow to the back of his head from the wooden spoon Tata had grabbed from his kitchen table. He didn’t feel a thing as his body hit the ground.


“So, you are the maggot that likes to play with little girls right? Well, you messed with the wrong one. You see, Cherry here is my late sister’s daughter. I promised to take care of her. You made me break that promise when you violated her. And I’m usually a man of my word. You are going to pay for what you did; this I promise you”

A look of horror descended on Cody’s face as the bearded man spoke. He remembered Cherry. She tried to fight, but her young body was no match for his elixir. How could he have known she was connected to anyone important?

How could he have known that Tata had actually volunteered to trap him. She had been laid out as bait for him. And he swallowed it hook, line and sinker, like a stupid little fish!

“It’s not my fault! I can’t help it! I was born this way!”

“You worthless piece of shit”. The bearded man spat in Cody’s face. “Now you are going to know what real pain feels like.”


Cherry and Tata sat in front of the television, a big bowl of ice cream between them, their eyes glued to the wide-screen as they watched the Powerpuff girls save the city of Townsville once again. The bearded man sat behind them, a glass of whiskey in his left hand, his right silently stroking his beard.

In the fluorescent-lit room, Cody screamed out in agony as two of the bodyguards held him down. The third kneeled in front of him, and red hot sliver of metal in his hand slowly but surely snaked its way through Cody’s Urethra.


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