Think Big For Nigeria

So many young, able bodied and learned youths,  are more concerned about the malfunction in the system than they are of the need to move forward and create the kind of country we deserve. If you really want to change this country so badly as a youth, then you must think big for yourself first. Nigeria and Africa are in dire need of it. I see So many folks in this country spend a lot of money, time and effort just to amass degrees upon degrees from various learning institutions, just to come right out into the society and complain about what the government is doing and not doing right.

It is true that true power belongs to the people. We vote leaders into power so they can serve and not the other way round. But as much as we want to believe and work with this fact, we must come to terms with the reality on ground. More often than not, by virtue of our votes, we fall victims to wrong leadership; leaders that are highly unfit to lead us due to their sheer pursuit of personal interest or unpreparedness to handle the mandate given to them.

However, it is not to say that it is highly abnormal and unexpected of us to put out constructive criticism on mediocrity and self centered leadership. But the truth is, there is always a fine line between criticism and Lamentation. Most of us have not always given attention to this fine line. Hence, we find ourselves stuck in this powerful loop of complain and lamentation, so much so that we are derailed from making conscious effort to develop ourselves and contribute our own quarter to nation building even in the midst of adversity and epileptic leadership. Most of us allow ourselves to shy away from fixing thing from our own end as learned citizens that we are. It makes me wonder what sort of paradigm shift we stand to achieve by not being able to add value: not even the tiniest value to our country after all that education. I Wonder how we intend to change the status quo.

To be honest, I think Most of these leaders we complain about are to a large extent, by far, less capable of adding and imparting effective value like we can to ourselves and our country, if we really have the enthusiasm needed to add such value. This is not say that this whole work of nation building is easy and happens overnight. It will suffice to say it begins with personal development. Development of mind and character into a state that can trigger and accommodate such influential change and transformation as it happens.

There is a solemn understanding that we have all come to a true realization that most leaders are too busy satisfying their personal interest and that of their allies. And to add to it, most leaders are not particularly prepared, or in some cases, totally clueless of the implication of being at the helm of affairs.Therefore, the learned ones must rise above the challenge in other not to allow the country to keep falling Victims to such jeopardy called leadership.I think Being learned, is by a long shot being able to create value, wield it, and then take it to where ever necessary,  in other to foster the alignment of potentials and empowerment in one direction.

It is true that one thing that has not changed for centuries unending is school. And i don’t see it changing anytime soon. But one thing i expect would have changed by now is how we view school, and the concept behind it.We are potential leaders ourselves. And in our own case, we have the luxury of picking one aspect of the society that we are inspired by, and certain about per time, and work towards adding value to it without running the risk of being Judge or criticized. I think the best Way to complain and show defiance is to think of how best we can plan and not complain; offer, and then take less; create and not hate.

It’s totally funny that the ones that complain more an expect virtually everything handed out to them by the government are the enlightened ones. The bottom line is, the appropriate leadership we wish for everyday is more or less in the hands of people with the brains and will power to necessitate true change and development. And growth too.These brains are hardly given the opportunity for what ever bureaucratic reasons involved.And It will remain so as far as the Enlightened ones keep at this cycle of complain and hate.

I believe every one can create value and trigger change. But it will be a shame if we have so many degrees yet nation building on a primal level is pure charade. Not because the government has lost it’s compass, but because we the enlightened ones have refused to use our own compasses to locate that beacon of light and hope by doing something truly personal and valuable with the knowledge we have acquired.

Of course any positive  and valuable personal effort put out must come from within. But can anything come from within without self discovery. Obviously the answer is no! Personal discovery and Rediscovery is very important as all prospects been envisaged by any nations active population emanates from there. If we cannot rediscover ourselves away from hate and complain; fatherland-irritation; and sheer zeal to runoff to some already made safe haven or paradise somewhere, into a total acceptance of what we are and have become; both good and bad.  then we can’t find comfort and confidence in building the future we so desire that is free from such  elements with a tainted and impaired perspective of doing things.

Once upon a time john f. Kennedy Said: “The future promise of any nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its youth.” What are your “present prospect” as a Nigeria youth?Learned or not. Do you even have any at all?

These are some of the questions we should spend time answering. Not just for Nigerias sake. But for Africa as well. Nigeria and Africa as a whole have tons of amazing talented folk with great potentials and readily available opportunities that look like stumbling blocks.

Potentials that are hardly explored because we are busy looking at our leaders in the face, whining and complaining, hating on ourselves and almost every action our leaders take. I think the illiterates of the 21st century Are not just folks who can’t read and write. They also encompass the learned ones that have become perpetual complainants over a period of time. So much so that It’s now a habitual exercise to Complain and whine about certain irresponsibilities of our dear leaders who careless, if you ask me. Complains will always feel cheap and easy, and pretty swift too. At least that’s what your leaders think.

But one thing is clear though, most youths are not ready for leadership in this country no matter how many degrees they’ve added to their CVs. Hence the kinda lame leadership we getting. And that’s a shame. Some cannot even remember the last time they put up any real effort to developed their young minds without allowing the interference of social media and frivolities within the shortest timeline possible. Most don’t even care to know the implication of being a Nigerian. Many feel so indifferent about what is happening in places and things that matter.

It will be a shame to be learned, and still not be able to add value to our Nigerian generations not because we are incapacitated, but because we pay more attention to “half baked stories” and “acute mediocrity”.

I only just recently came across a “book” It’s actually a “report” on  Africa by “EKENE BANYE”. It’s titled “THINK BIG FOR AFRICA”. I highly recommend for every self conscious and well informed youth out there ready to develop his/her self, in other to look beyond the limitations on an average Nigerian and African.

Truth be told, if we the young ones do not prepare ourselves towards a more creative future that is geared towards taking over leadership in the nearest possible future, then failure in leadership might as well keep repeating it self. And i tell you, 20-30 years down the line, the youth of that time will still complain about our poor leadership. The Chances are we might even perform worse than the leaders we criticize today. This is because of one thing. Lack of preparation. It is chiefly lack of intentional preparation towards leadership that attracts wrong folks on the job.

Most African countries are fully guilty of this archaic act. You see folks who have no business being in leadership positions occupying key public offices. In situations like this, What more do you expect if not trouble and chaos.

We must develop our precious minds into a key bedrock for fundamental self and societal development. Civilization doesn’t have to be a crime in Nigeria or Africa.

We cannot give what we don’t have. What ever we cannot evaluate, we abuse.Most folks in power don’t have the right mind to wield power because they never prepared a resting place for it in their minds. Their minds are strained by the whole concept. In that state of mind, nothing really positive can come out of such freaked out mind in leadership.

Hence we must prepare a resting place for power in our minds by developing it, so that Nigeria and Africa can move forward and become what God wants them to become on earth.

Greatness awaits us. We only just have to find a way to prepare and bypass mediocrity and distractions. Like in the case of Nigeria, going out to cast your vote in the up coming 2019 general election as a youth, without perpetrating violence of any sort is also part of that mind preparations and development been referred to. Get involved in the processes. know what’s up, and know what’s down. It pays to be exposed. It pays to be a Nigerian anywhere in the world. That’s one of the implications of being a Nigerian. God bless Nigeria. God bless Africa. We are in the right country and continent. We are in the the right part of the world. Let’s make conscious efforts to develop and evolve, so as to create a better and solid future for Our dear country Nigeria and Africa at large.

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