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Since he was a young man, he believed most things were to be done by him, and as such, lived alone in his huge house, save the Gate man, Gardener, and few friends, whenever they stayed over, every other weekend. Today was going to be exciting.


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TUESDAY, 31st July 2012

“Please. Just stop. Stop trying to talk to me. Bye.” Those words had shut down all of his internal organs, his heart most especially, as it sank deep into his mind. How did things get this way? He didn’t really want to know how; All he knew for sure was that he couldn’t just stop talking to her. Not just like that. Welcome to the mind of Adrian, the 25-Year-old Business Mogul. He dialed her number again and the only voice at the end of the line this time spoke to him saying —
— “The Subscriber you’re calling is currently not -” – He hung up, He knew the rest, and wasn’t going to hear any more of it.
She had meant everything she just said, he could tell, but he missed her already, and that was yet another mystery. Adrian was not the type to have feelings for any female human, asides his mother and two younger sisters. He searched for clues as to how this had come about, how He had come to fall for Her in the first place — He was starting to question himself too much. He dropped his mobile phone and subconsciously walked to the Kitchen to get some coffee off the coffee maker, He needed some for the Pain. Few sips of the brew told him that indeed, this pain wasn’t leaving him anytime soon, and without noticing he was doing it, Adrian made for the sink and spilled the rest of the coffee in it, waste. He loved music a lot and always had some sort of music playing at any point in time, he did everything with music –

– “Everyone thinks I have it all, but it’s so empty living behind these castle walls…” Christina Aguilera was singing his exact situation right now.

Adrian knew for sure that everyone on his street went “I want to have what that bobo has”, each time they watched him drive out of his huge house in his different cars; No one really knew how sad he could get for various reasons; How sad he was right now. Usually, a call home to his mother, or sisters, or even his father, lifted his spirit; The only call to be made today, to make things right, was to her, yet she had hung up and switched her phone off. He was sad, he needed her, and he wanted to work things out, but he knew this was it; it was the end of his few days of true Happiness.

TUESDAY, 24th July 2012

Since he was a young man, he believed most things were to be done by him, and as such, lived alone in his huge house, save the Gate man, Gardener, and few friends, whenever they stayed over, every other weekend. Today was going to be exciting. Annabel was coming over for the first time, and she was going to stay a while with him, a week maybe. This was the first time they’d be seeing again since last 2 Fridays. They had based the whole of their relationship In all of that time, on only phone calls and SKYPE, as they were both busy; Annabel with school and Adrian with business trips — This was the time they had made out for each other, and they were finally going to do all the Erotic and even none-Erotic things they had talked about –

*Ring Ring* Why was his land line ringing? He looked at his mobile phone where it was charging and remembered he had switched it off –

“Hello, Adrian here…” –
“Adrian, it’s Ann… Are you Home now though?” –
“No, I’m answering my house landline, from my office, via satellite… Haha, where are you?”

“Ho-ho, you promised not to make fun of me again… I’m on my way to your house now” –
“No Biggy honey, I’m very much at home” – He started cleaning the house again, though it was already clean, he must have cleaned it at least a thousand times already today.
Upon her Arrival, he welcomed her with a warm and long kiss in between hugs, he had waited long enough to do that, she bit his lower lip playfully and they broke the hug up, to go drop off her luggage in the room –

“I Hope I didn’t come too early?” Annabel asked as she checked her watch.
Adrian had a naughty look on his face as he replied “You can’t come too early or too late, whenever you come is the right time” and he winked;
it turned her on, he could tell, though she tried not to let it show. It was barely evening, and they had already found a million things to argue over, some weren’t even sensible enough to be heard of, by third parties –

“How will you say 10 Picanto cars can be parked comfortably in this room? The door of the room isn’t even big enough for one to drive through” Ann said, looking truly pissed –
“Who said anything about driving it through the door? What if I had the roof removed, and had a crane drop each of them from the top into place?” Adrian countered with his annoying look of supremacy and victory, the look irritated her even more in real life.
They would go on to argue about any and everything throughout her stay, and she just couldn’t handle it anymore; she was tired of getting hurt and of hurting him. She was too troublesome for him, is what she claimed; He was too serious for her, she also added. Whatever it was that they had, she had to stop it, as she presumed it wasn’t healthy for either of them; They were both single, and yet, not in a relationship with one another. They were both sad individually, and they seemed to make each other happy, and sad yet again. These complications were sickening, and yet Adrian liked her a lot; They liked each other a lot, but probably not enough to commit fully, to the other’s complicated sadness.

FRIDAY, 6th July 2012

Adrian’s Love for Music had led him to love Friday nights a lot, he seldom missed them; the sound waves hitting him all around his body, and this was bliss to him. He loved clubbing a lot, though he seldom danced, as his body coordinations had been described, by his sisters, as an absolute disaster. Adrian thought it was fun to watch others dance, while seated, nodding his head, and tapping his feet. Tonight was going to be different, and he could feel it in his guts, or maybe that was just the Jack Daniels, he felt something in his guts still. His friends were dancing away, he felt the urge to join them, and after thinking about how awkward he dances, he still went ahead to drop a few simple steps. No one seemed to be staring at him, that just meant he was doing good so far, or no one simple cared to watch any other person dance in the club.
He had gone back to sit, was back to observing dance steps and mentally performing the dance, while actually just nodding and tapping –
Dance is dance” he thought to himself as he smiled.
He suddenly got distracted by a young lady walking in, she was tall and slender with breasts and bum in the right proportion. Her tight, knee length gown hugged her body, revealing all the curves, bends and stops. She walked in alone, which almost never happened; A fine lady walking into the club totally unaccompanied.
Instantly, many pickup lines came to his mind “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?” He shook his head “Were you created on a Sunday? Seems like God made you when he was resting” He shook his head even Harder now, he must have been at it for a while now and he could have sworn that he caught her stealing a glance; That motivated him, as he got up to walk to where she was sitting –

Hi, I’m Adrian” he said offering her his complimentary card with a handshake.
She definitely couldn’t hear him over all the Music playing, but she accepted the handshake and the complimentary card, with a smile; He walked back to his seat and maintained eye contact for some more minutes. They smiled at each other for a long time, and made naughty faces. When he was about leaving with his friends, he signaled her to call him, and winked.
He had barely gotten back home when his phone rang – “Hello, Adrian here
Hi Adrian, this is Annabel. I just got your complimentary card. This is my Number —” He hung up and called her back; that was what bosses did.
They went on to talk for a long while, and he smiled throughout, she already brought him true happiness…


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