Step 1. Logging In

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your account on the site. If you do not have an account yet, it is advisable to create one (this is easy to do). If you already have an account, click the ‘Login’ button as shown below.

Once you click login, you will see the screen below to enter your username and password.

After you’re logged in, you can access more buttons as a user as seen below.

Step 2. Writing A Post

After you’ve logged in, you can start writing your post using the front-end editor by clicking the ‘Write a post’ button as shown below.

This leads you to the editor where you have different editing functionalities.

Type in a title for your post in the ‘Title’ field and start writing your post in the body just below the title field.

Step 3. Adding Tags and Featured Image

To give your post a featured image and also add tags, you should click the three dots at top right side of the editor. This will show you more options.

Clicking on the ‘Set Featured Image’ tab leads you to the default folder on your computer to select an image to upload.

Once you’re done, you can hide the dropdown menu by clicking the three dots again.

Step 4. Adding In-Post Images, Videos, Social Media and Links

You can add images, videos, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links within the body of your post. First, you need to go to another paragraph, then you click the ‘+’ button on the left side of the cursor. This shows the two options below.

The first option allows you to add an image, much the same way as the featured image in Step 3 above. The second options allows you to add Youtube/Vimeo links as well as other social media links.

Once you add your link and press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard, your link content should display within the post.

Step 5. Saving Drafts

Sometimes, you may just want to save your post to drafts for later editing. Normally, the site auto-saves your post but once you’re done for the moment, click on the ‘Save’ button and your post immediately goes to your drafts.

Step 6. Retrieving Drafts

When you’re ready to continue editing a previously saved post, you can go to your user panel by placing your mouse pointer on your profile image on the top right corner of the site. This will reveal a dropdown menu. Move your pointer to ‘Blog’ and then click on ‘Drafts’ as shown below.

You will be able to view all your drafts here. Other tabs here will show you your published posts, those in review and create a new one.

Click on the post you want to edit to see a preview of the post.

Click the ‘Edit’ button beside the title to go back to the editor from where you can continue editing your post.

Step 7. Formatting Text

You can format texts in your post by highlighting them as shown below to reveal formatting options.

Step 8. Submitting Post For Review

When you’re through editing your post, you have to first save again then click the ‘Submit for Review’ button. You can also see how your post will appear when published by clicking the ‘Preview’ button.

Once submitted, you will get a pop-up notification confirming your submission.

At this point, your post will be sent to the editors and you will need to wait for their feedback on the submitted post. In the meantime, you can create and submit other posts if you want.

Step 9. Retracting Submitted Post

In the event you discover that you made a mistake after submitting your post, you can retract the post immediately by clicking on the ‘Revert to draft’ button which appears after post is submitted.

This promptly returns your post into your drafts and you can continue editing and save for future editing or submit back for review.

That’s it!

Remember, you can always send an email to hello [at] thenakedconvos [dot] com if you have any questions.


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