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Hey people, Toolsman here again like I promised this morning. Ok, so I’m super excited today to announce our first week long special for 2014. It’s titled – The First Time We… In our usual fashion, we’ve combed through the African blogoshpere and put together a team of excellent writers to bring you this exciting exclusive TNC production. Here’s a quick summary of what to expect…


Life is made up of experiences; experiences which we share with the people we meet along the way in the journey that life is. Some of these people turn out to be more special than others. Some are pursued, others are brought together entirely by happenstance and others we develop bonds with that seem so powerful and so inevitable, that they can only be ascribed to the concepts of destiny, fate and the divine. Among these human interactions, the ones which are of the romantic nature can be the most intriguing.

In the time that any relationship between two people lasts, many memorable things will occur. Things which only those two people will ever see any significance in. This holds true most especially the first time that thing occurs between those two people. Whether it be the first time they meet, the first kiss they share or the first time they make love, that moment may become more special and certainly more memorable than the second, third or fourth time these things may happen.

The First Time We…

In this series, we shall journey together and explore several of the many scenarios in which first times may occur between couples. Leading the way are eleven brilliant writers from all over the blogosphere. They are:










@TheVunderkind and


The journey commences on monday, the 10th of February and berths on Valentine’s day, 14th February, 2014. Join us each day at 10am and at 4pm. Join us.

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