Trapped With a Church Girl

I sat gently as the youth president admonished the youth on their role in moving the church forward and winning more souls for God. He spoke with passion. That was my first time of staying back for the youth meeting after church. I have been trying to shy away from any involvement or group in the Church.

After his speech, he asked for suggestions. Few people raised their hands. Each gave different opinions and Strategies they can follow to get things right. Each person wanted to talk after the few first people chipped in their opinion. Soon the meeting turned to a mild argument. I wasn’t actually interested but had to keep calm and wait for the meeting to be over. The president told I and 2 other girls to stand up for introduction, as that was a norm for any new member. They sang the youth welcome song for us. Been a shy type I was really trying to avoid looking on peoples faces. I smiled as the youths shook my hand in turn.

All my attention was on Sandra, my eyes have been on her for the few Sundays I have worshipped with the Church. Sandra wasn’t too beautiful, but she has this shape that will definitely get your attention and keep your eyes fixed to her hips. She has a sexy contour almost like that of a Gotv remote. She is the best-dressed usher very kind and quite.

I started planning on getting laid with Sandra. But things changed after a few months. I became actively involved in the Church and youth section. Not up to a month, I was elected as the youth president as a result of my dedication to the church activities. So my plan of getting laid with Sandra became a dead idea due to my level of commitment in the Church. I didn’t want to debase my name.

It’s was already 11pm, I picked my phone to check my WhatsApp messages before going to bed. I had over 10 unread messages and a DM from an unsaved number. I viewed the profile picture it was sister Sandra we exchanged the normal chatting jests. I waited to know why she chatted by that odd time, but she ended the chat with a good night. I imagine why she chattered at bedtime. The next day I received her message by that same time. This time I tried making the conversation more stimulating but was very cautious with my words.

We already planned on having a youth hangout on Sunday evening. All the sisters were looking hot in jeans trouser and a T-shirt. Sandar stole the show of the day with her shape. I noticed her curves as she walked in front of me. The black blouse revealed some cleavage, the navy blue jean accentuated her hips, and the jet black braids amidst her light brown skin threw me into a state of Kuku kee me.

The next evening Sandar chattered me as usual. But this time the chat was different. She asks to know about me, I told her the pertinent things about me. She did same too. She got my eyes wide open when she said she had a crush on me. I smiled inanely to myself, at the same time trying not to slump for it, considering it might be a setup.

She said she was coming to the house the next day. I awaited her throughout the day until I gave up. 11:58pm, about sleeping I received a call from Sandra. She was already at my gate. I hurried to meet her. Ewo! She was already at my gate looking sexy in her blue jean trousers and a black top exposing her attaining nipples.

I prayed a few lines of prayer in my heart asking God to help me overcome this temptation or get ready to forgive me for the sin am about to perpetrate.

I stay in a 2 bedroom flat. I asked her to feel free to stay in any room of her choice. She smiled and lay down with me. Her top stretched up I can see virtually the full shape of the breast.

I lay close to her, we chattered for about 30 mins or more. I was fighting the desire for sex but her sexy looking body already said no to it. Reminding me of the popular scripture that quotes “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. All believers know the struggle. But when we watch and pray—when we remain spiritually alert and appeal to God for help—we can find strength in the time of need (Psalm 46:1 and Hebrews 4:16). And when we fail, “we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world” (1 John 2:1–2)”

I held her hands, ran my fingers across hers. Sparked up the beast feel. Voom! Like a movie, we started rolling from one corner of the bed to the other. I rushed to my storage cart picked up a condom and in not less than 30 mins the deed has been done.

I felt like killing myself, tears rolled down my eyes. She asked if I love her? Am trapped already. What have I done? I tried playing around the answer but right inside I knew I was trapped. How will I stand the church, what if our affair gets to the church? I couldn’t just sleep. My heart ached. I was just praying for the day to beak so she can go.

The next day my phone rang at an odd hour again. I picked up my phone to check who was calling. Here goes the little sexy voice again. Chuks am at your gate!

As I stood up to meet her at the gate. I opened my eyes, they’ve have restored the light already. So it’s been a dream! What a bad dream.

I picked up my phone to read a few lines from the bible and pray against such lustful desire. Immediately I received a WhatsApp message from Sandra. “Hey chuks, am at your gate. Am just coming back from a long journey to realize I left my key in the village”

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    You got me good ??? I don’t know why we try to fight battles we know we’re bound to lose … then feel guilty later.

    July 15, 2019
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