Turn the Other Cheek?

Contradicting interpretations are a part of Christianity. Some denominations don’t even believe there’s such a place as hell where God sends people to a destiny of eternal damnation and suffering. When presented with scriptural backing, they counter attack with scriptures of their own. Sometimes, denominations under Christianity seem like factions of a political party who pose…


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Contradicting interpretations are a part of Christianity. Some denominations don’t even believe there’s such a place as hell where God sends people to a destiny of eternal damnation and suffering. When presented with scriptural backing, they counter attack with scriptures of their own.

Sometimes, denominations under Christianity seem like factions of a political party who pose as if they fight for the same interests. Dichotomies exist in almost every area you can think of, which is unfortunate considering the fact that all the denominations use the same Bible as the source of guidance and reference.

I remember analysing contrasting interpretations and trying to pick out the logical one as truth. The more time elapsed, the more I was made to accept that logic doesn’t always apply to matters of faith and religion. The very foundations of Christianity weren’t built on logical evidence. Because of this, it is imperative to follow biblical instructions as a Christian rather than always trying to deduce logical ways to go about everyday life that could contradict what the Bible instructs.

But, it isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Ayo Oritsejafor demanded that Nigerian Christians defend themselves however they can in 2011. That was after a bombing in the south which caused several injuries. Inevitably, this caused conflict of opinion. Some felt he was inciting violence, while others felt he was only proffering a logical suggestion. Some felt the logical solution would be diplomacy. Almost six years later, the pogrom continues. The number of Christians defecting to the pro-retaliation side continues to rise as the killings do.

Now, when you tell large swaths of Nigerian Christians about Matthew 5:39, they are quick to inform you of their refusal to lay down while radical Islamists tear them apart. It is as if all the injustice has generated a collective paranoia in the north that can turn the most friendly individuals into gun-toting prey surrounded by blood-thirsty poachers.

Imagine coming back from a long trip just to find out your house was set ablaze by herdsmen just because you are a Christian. They make it clear to you that they want to wipe your kind off the earth. Would you leave justice to God if one approached you with a knife and you realised you had nowhere to run? Under the circumstances, picking up a plank and bashing his head in wouldn’t be such a bad idea; a brutal act of self-defence.

“God will understand,” is what the pro-retaliation faction will tell you. “I cannot come and die.” Turning the other cheek would make no sense. Turning the other cheek would mean losing your life. But, then again, that’s what God would want you to do. I, for one, would stab the indoctrinated zombie multiple times in quick succession just to make sure he dies. God wouldn’t be happy with me, but I’d do it anyway.

Why? Because I don’t want to be a martyr. At least not yet. I want to live my life to the fullest, just like most Christians want to. It’s easy to ignore what is happening to Christians in northern Nigeria if you’re fortunate to not be there at the moment. It’s easy to throw Bible verses in their faces when they tuck guns in belts for protection. But, just in case you haven’t noticed, making choices to continually disobey or navigate around biblical instructions just to suit our selfish needs is, unfortunately, part of this journey. In Christianity, it’s not always black or white.


This article is culled from the author’s blog jayjayraymond.wordpress.com.


  1. Marieca
    its true sha when God said turn d other cheek i don’t think he meant it literally, I think he just meant forgive them and not retaliate. If its in a situation that has to do with life or death better save yourself. If they kill all the Christians who would preach?
    1. Bkd
      I’m sure God has a plan. It must be all part of God’s grand design. God will not not let his servants go thorough temptation they can’t handle… abi no be say the most talk set talk am?
    2. Bkd
      I’m sure he’ll just raise more humans from stones and bones to do his work and serve him. Isn’t that one of his famous claims?
  2. Bkd
    If heaven is really all that it’s made out to be, gown come Christians are not in a hurry to go there? Why do they avoid every opportunity they have to get to heaven? I don’t understand
      1. Morris
        Duhhh, I mean, you only have to read his comments on anything religion, and even culture to know. He never fails to comment, lol.
      2. Bkd
        First, I wish to appreciate the Author, Morris and Twisted for being civil with their responses. I think some person should learn from you guys, how to respond to people without resorting to insults.
        and @morris … I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m no atheist. I promise.
        @twisted … That will be suicide. You have the option of avoiding the vehicle. So using your example, Christians should avoid confrontations with their enemies, not fighting back. That would be like you running towards an oncoming vehicle. Permit me to quite @fille : “Great post. It’s just best for the Christians there to relocate to avoid the troubles. ”
        Besides, who’s to say that the Christian God can’t protect you from the impact of the vehicle?
        But then, I also understand that Christians ought to count it all joy when they’re persecuted for Christ’s sake, right? And I’m quite sure the Jesus I know would not fight back. He would turn the other cheek. Furthermore, how come it’s okay for Christians to kill and maim in their God’s name and not okay for other religions to do the same. Christians cry foul only when they’re on the receiving end. I think that’s double standards. Why can’t their God save them from these terrors?
        I’m only asking these questions based on what Christians claim about their God and religion. As for the work you need to complete, (I don’t even know what that means but good-luck with that. Would you then say that children who die at infancy weren’t given any work to complete? Makes me wonder if they’ll make heaven or hell since they’re already condemned for their forefathers’ sins.
        Most times, I think Christianity doesn’t play fair.
        I hope my words don’t offend anyone. I have no ill will towards y’all.
    1. Twisted
      wow! Thats an interesting viewpoint.
      Maybe when next a car is coming towards my direction, I’ll stand there and wait for it to hit me.
      Nah! I will not.
      As Christians, we all wait for the glorious day Jesus will come with his host of angels. In waiting, the bible tells us that on that day,the dead shall arise again and those still alive and in Christ shall ascend into heaven.
      So my dear I may not have to die before I get to heaven. If I am alive when Jesus comes, beautiful! I will still see heaven. But until then, I will live on earth happily experiencing parts of heaven here because that’s part of the freebies I get for serving him. You should try it sometime.:-)
      Secondly, the bible tells us that when the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, then and only then will the end come. matt 24:14. The gospel is spreading like wildfire everyday. So dont worry, the end is closer than we think! let me just wait it out. Plus its just enough time for you to accept him.
      And lastly, i have a purpose here on earth and until I complete it, I will not end my life abruptly because I want to see heaven Today. I’ll still see it so why not complete the work I was given before I go? 🙂

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