Following the success of their previous post on Sunday, the ROUNDS team have some great news from Taxify to share with you. Click to learn more.


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First things first…

Rest in peace Uncle Phil?


I’m the realest?

No. Ugh. First things first..

I poppa, freaks all the honeys…

Nigga cut it out.

I can’t. i’m excited.

Well, yeah. Super excited here too.

We have good news.

After that hilarious post we dropped last week.

Yeah, it was pretty funny. Because I was the butt of the joke. Smh…

Nobody asked you to show up drenched to your testicles because you couldn’t call yourself a cab.

By the time we’re done with this post I’ll be able to call myself 6 cabs. Just watch…

We’ll see.

So the good guys at Taxify read our post on Sunday. And they loved it so much, they reached out to us.


And they did! See guys, we’re global. We can’t thank you enough.

The mail they sent actually had us in tears. “We love your stuff, we are such big fans”.

Windmills, really…

Don’t stop telling your friends about us.

Okay, so just cos of how much we pushed their brand on the last episode, they invited us to share a few of their goodies with you.

And the ROUNDS team, being quite disloyal to our Nigerian nature, has decided to share ALL of this goodness with you.

Okay, now for those of you who aren’t new to the e-Hailing industry, you know how important convenience is in this life.

But did you know that you could ride Taxify all day for…free.

Wait. What?

Yep. Some people have understood this hustle and they don’t pay shit for their rides but they go everywhere in the city as fresh as they were when they left the house.


Yep. No unnecessary whiffs of conductor armpits cos you’re the one unfortunate enough to sit next to the door, no random shouts of nearby bus stops in your ear while you’re making phone calls in transit…

I get it…

Nobody pairing you up with someone else to collect your change, nobody planning to kidnap you and turn you to yam, nobody ….

I. get. it.

You sure?

Yes. Fam. Jesus. But I was asking how they happen to ride around for free. You haven’t answered that one for me.

Well here’s the thing. If you refer someone to Taxify, they get N1,500 off their first ride.

Yeah. That doesn’t explain how you get to ride around in comfort while you’re balling on a budget.

Well, if you do that, Taxify gives you N2,000. Free.

*narrows eyes* Hmm…


That actually sounds pretty decent.

“For I am a generous god” – Taxify.

LOL! So how do we rack up this paper.

Simple. We need all our readers to download the app, first.

Cos, I mean, you really can’t do any of this if you don’t…you know…have the damn app in the first place.

Yeah. So download the app. Use the referral code “HQQD5” so they’ll know we sent you…

And from then on, you can get your friends to use your code when they download the app.

And every time they use that code, you get 2 grand free.

You know how they say a man with friends is never broke…?

No truer words were ever spoken.

Before we end this really short post, we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who read last week’s post. I mean the numbers were actually amazing.

And we had first time readers, ain’t that some shit.

Thanks guys.

Remember to use our code when you download the app.

Click here if you use an Android and want to partake of this goodness.

And here if you’re a proud member of Steve Jobs’ iOS-powered cult.

You guys are absolutely awesome.

And just for the fun of it, for the comments today, we’d love for you guys to share with us your worst ever experience in public transportation: buses, trains, molue…

Yeah, tell us about that ime that someone’s 3 month old spit has dried up on your arm and left a scar…

Or that time someone pulled out her titty and started feeding her baby without inviting you to join in…

I mean…I’m not complaining.

Idiot… smh.

Thanks again, people, for getting us this gig with Taxify.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

We love you guys, we really do.

Join us again on Sunday. We have some amazing news for you. As always..

Later folks.




  1. Lucy
    Yayyy! Congrats guys. I actually thought you were already advertising Taxify when I read last sunday’s post.

    Anyways I have had it all in public vehicles. From passengers’ pungent body odour to groping and really loud phone calls. My phone is yet to be stolen or my bag snatched and I have not slapped any conductor yet Lmao. Some Bus preachers have no chill, I think that’s what annoys me most. Sometimes I want to tell them to shut up.

    I still laugh anytime I remember one hilarious experience I had. The conductor had cunningly raised the fare. He did not inform passengers until the bus had almost gone halfway. He started to withhold our change forcibly. That was how all the passengers teamed up together and threatened to beat the driver and his conductor whenever we got to the bus stop. It was no joke! There were some really hefty guys in the bus and the ladies weren’t even trying to be gentle. Everybody was like, ‘Shey una 2 wan fight everybody, make we reach Obalende na…’ The conductor had to be humble! He took a seat and did the smart thing….gave us our change back. Before we reached our destination.

    I have ridden on a bus with brake failure on a rainy day. It was better to remain in that bus than to come down and be at the mercy of the thunderstorm. Emotions were heightened, we were scared crazy. A passenger who was doubling as a conductor made the mistake of insulting a posh guy that he was mad. In a matter of seconds, posh guy went into beast mode. This bruh stretched or rather flew from third row to the front row to land a dirty slap on this passenger’s face. As the slap was registering, he delivered a punchline along with it, ‘I go show you how mad person dey behave today…’ It took a lot of begging to calm him down. He was ready to beat the man to stupor.

    Seriously, I knew Lagos had traffic congestion. That gist is old. However, nothing prepared my mind for the kind of madness one encounters inside Lagos buses.

  2. Jude
    The part where the bus won’t stop at the correct bus stop, my goodness that one dey pain me, or is it the paring thing, oh my jesus, words can’t explain that one. Then are this buses that will make you sit 5 on a seat and you’ll just be left to wonder, are they packing sardine or human beings… Taxify here I come

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