Competition: TWO

TWO  ******* ********* Now Aigbe smiled callously as he watched Esosa tumble backwards onto the floor. He thought to himself that she quite looked like a fish out of water – flailing about, reaching for support that would not be forthcoming. His smile very quickly evolved into a cruel laugh as he watched the back…


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Aigbe smiled callously as he watched Esosa tumble backwards onto the floor. He thought to himself that she quite looked like a fish out of water – flailing about, reaching for support that would not be forthcoming. His smile very quickly evolved into a cruel laugh as he watched the back of her head crash onto the cold, tiled floor with a sickening, wet sound. Leaping astride her semi-conscious body, he rained three solid blows onto her torso, working his way from her lower ribcage to her sternum. She yelped, shook and choked with each blow, unable to fight back.

“You are the one that will die, not me, Stupid Harlot!”

He spat into her face as the last blow landed and she choked violently, jerking with the impact of the blow and recoiling from the glob of projectile spittle that had hit her face.

“You!  Are! A! Mad! Dirty! Prostitute!”

Each word was punctuated by a slap that sent waves of pain coursing through Esosa’s head. She could barely speak or shout or scream in protest, much less move. She felt herself start to slip into a numb blackness but she tried to hold on.  Aigbe wrapped his hands around her neck and muttered.

“Witch! Harlot! Your plan has failed!”

Esosa closed her eyes and let the numbing darkness take her as her husband choked the remaining life from her, his wedding ring pressing against her carotid artery.

2 hours earlier

Esosa smiled to herself as she poured the brown powder into the bottle of Merlot. She re-corked it and shook it violently until the powder began to dissolve. She knew Aigbe was already on his way home…


Why would a husband try to kill his wife? Is Aigbe just an evil villain or a man exacting revenge? What was Esosa pouring into his wine? What could have happened to this couple 2 days ago, 2 months ago, 2 years ago… that got them to this point? Are you wondering how the story ends? Good. Because you’ll be ending it yourself. Welcome to ‘TWO’. TNCng’s first open post competition and a lead-in to the next instalment of The Writer competition.


So how does this work?

1) You have to conclude the story, picking up where we left off and explaining what could have possibly happened in time shifts of 2. Describe events 2 hours earlier, 2 days earlier, 2 months earlier and 2 years earlier, in that order, and in so doing, conclude the story. You are to construct a logical and interesting story leading up to and tying-in to these events above.

2) You will have to complete the story in 1200 words or less.

3) Upload the completed story on your website/blog (or any other website/blog you have access to) with an introduction citing TNC as the source and include a link to this post in the introduction to your story.

4) Come back to this post and leave a comment with your name, the number of words in your story, where you heard of the competition and a link to the blog/website you have uploaded it to. (You might want to bookmark this post so you can easily come back to it)

5) The time allowed is 3 months. Make your submission by commenting on or before Monday, Nov 5th, 2012. All comments entered after this time will not be considered.

If any of the above rules are not followed correctly, you will not be eligible for the prizes.

Whats in it for you? 

Fun! Obviously. If you are already a blogger/writer, this is a potential story idea. If your’re not, well its a great way to get started. TNCng is all about sharing, stories and expressing yourself and this is an opportunity for you to conclude a creative story whichever way you like. But of course, you know us, we love a good story and so…

There will be three winners…

1st Place

– You will win a wonderful TNC T-shirt from Bandit Co., a copy of Stieg Larsson’s classic book – The girl with the dragon tattoo and Instant qualification for the finals of the 2013 edition of ‘The Writer’ competition where you stand the chance to win up to $1000 (US) in prizes.

2nd Place

–  You will win any book of your choice from, a $25 iTunes gift card and a T-shirt from Bandit Co.

3rd Place

– You get a wonderful T-shirt from Bandit Co.

So what is the judging criteria for Prizes?

1) Story/Plot (30 points) – Make it as interesting/complex as possible but with no loose ends/plot holes.

2) Style/Tone (20 points) –  Structure, adherence to the established style, etc.

3) Use of Language (20 points) – Grammar, tenses, spelling, punctuation… the technical stuff.

4) Creativity (15 points) – Those little bits that make it special – metaphors, words with significance, etc.

5) Time taken (10 points) – The earlier you submit your entry, the more points you get.

6) References (5 points) – Get your friends in on it too! (You get extra points for every person that says they heard from you in their introduction or comment)

Well, that’s it people! Tell your friends, Start writing and most importantly, have fun!

So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination loose and get writing! EXPRESS YOU!


    1. TTXIII
      Its actually not just about the prizes. If you have an idea as to how the story could play out, write it down and let us see. And most importantly, have fun.
    1. thetoolsman
      We encourage multiple submissions and we also assign points for time of submission. The sooner you submit, the better. Also, the judges will be looking out for 'recycled' ideas…
  1. sapphire013
    Hmmmmm I'm not a writer, so I'll sit back relax & b a supporter like & of course also read & enjoy d stories written

    Those of u participating good luck

  2. So_eXclusiv3
    To think I actually wanted to write, den I saw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & then 6… *whistles softly…oma ga o* I'm #teamMoralSupport to all dem writers
    + I don't even kukuma haff a blog sef
    1. sapphire013
      Lmao… I av a blog but writing is d problem not 2 talk of completing a story… #teamMoralsupport to d writers Jare…
  3. Bimbopee
    LOOOOOL! See all these lazy ppl. I love this! I have already started writin. See you guys in the The Writer finals ^_^. Errrm…so all we have to do is post the link her when we hare finished abi?
  4. Arthur Bizkit
    My only problem is the 3 month duration.
    My alter ego "Sir Procrastinator" will just have a jolly fanfare.
    Will sha treat it like the theme name & try for two months/two weeks. (Y)

    p.s Awesome jobs guys, buh guess y'all already know.

  5. janusaneni
    bt these criteria sha..smh..wil try and write this by next week, but like Sir Procastinator ryt above here, i'm nt so sure abt dat..and yh, great job givin me anothr chance at The Writer..
  6. s_Hotzs
    Hmmmmm……….. Damn you Wole, i already reclined on my seat waiting to have a jolly good read when it ended, now i ahe to write the story… MEANY, will try though, not for the money or isssh but for the fun. i love me creative challenges.
  7. iamfascinating
    cant wait!

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  8. vixenpixie
    I've never been good at competitions. i'LL totally overthink it, over analyze it, then start crying like a big baby. I dont think i'm that good a writer anyway but… maybe…
  9. iamfascinating
    cant wait!

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  10. bablo
    I'll soon post mine. I'm tying up a few loose ends, but the bulk of the story is written
    . And in other news, The Toolsman is a bawse. This competition made me think. Thumbs up sir
  11. Oyekola
    Imagine that! I saw Nono's post but I didn't understand, I thought she was doing her usual SYTYCT posts.

    If I wasn't so lazy with writing literature, I would join in this contest. Maybe I will. Most likely won't.

    1. TheAlchemist
      Multiple Entries by the same individual are allowed. But only insofar as each entry follows the rules, i.e.

      1) Each entry must be posted on a separate blog (You cannot post more than one entry on the same blog/site)

      2) Each entry must adhere to the word limits, follow the directions regarding the introduction (links et al) and will be judged by the same criteria.

  12. The Drunk Archer
    Aloha!! I cannot believe I finally got to this stage *wipes off sweat* well… my name is Taiwo Odutola. I got to read the post firstly through my subscription but my friends and reminded me over and over again… i hope they get the scores…

    The story is 1199 words, but the entire post is 1317 words.

    it’s titled ‘lost words’… and the link to my blog is:

  13. teekellz
    Hi, I'm Tolu Just finished mine now was referred by @rokhe_e I'm sure she won't be entering though. 😀 Anyway I named mine 'Sweet and Sour' and you can check it out HERE
    The total word count is 1312 that's inclusive of the introductory part. I hope you enjoy reading it.
  14. EricOmosOsunbor
    Interested, but…do i have to go start up a blog just to participate?…

    plus…wat do u mean by points for early submissions, i just saw this….matter of fact, i'm a newbie

    1. TheAlchemist
      You can start a blog if you like. Its very easy.

      If you do not want to do this, you can just post it on any blog you have access to (perhaps a friends blog)

      Points for early submission means that if there is a tie/close call in awarding points, the one that came in earlier will be given precedence.

        1. TheAlchemist
          Unfortunately, we cannot accept it just yet. Your 'link' is a circular reference back to your own post and not this one as instructed. Please correct this and comment again before November 5.
  15. ranchosblog
    Hi. My name is Tolu (@tolubablo). I read about the competition on this page back when it started. However, due to me juggling a lot of commitments, I haven't been able to post till now. But hey, better late than never, no?

    I completed my story in 1,188 words. The link is

    I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog. Adios, mis amigos. Hasta luego.

  16. Olu Cole
    Hi, i'm Olufunmi. Got to know about this competition from your tweet about it two months back. But i didn't have time to enter. Then some days ago i got to know, also from a tweet of yours that the competition was still open. So i decided to get involved. I completed my story in 1,233 words ( excluding my introduction and the pre-written part). it's titled "The Rippling Effect". Here's the link
    I really do hope you enjoy it :). Would also like to know if my entry has been accepted.
  17. Andhiii
    Hello! My name is Amanda Iheme. I got to know about this competition a few days back when I saw TNC tweet the links to already written ones.

    I completed my story with 1149 words (excluding the Introduction and the part written by your team)

    It is titled One…TWO…Tears and this is the link:

    Enjoy! A confirmation of acceptance would be great! 😀

  18. afedziba
    ahaa this is the page I was looking for, just want to say this is a really great opportunity for writers to explore their talents, even if not to win, to have a great time. I've certainly enjoyed reading, commenting and rating.
    And just by the way, i've narrowed it down myself to 2 people, if one of them doesn't win…The Alchemist, competition organisers and judges…I shall be back to ask questions.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to allow everyone to participate in your competitions, ur awesome!
    1. TheAlchemist
      LOL, such things are always subjective which is why we have 3 separate judges as well as a 10% contribution from the audience to decide the winner. you can be sure the result will reflect the numbers accurately.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on our top entries. I'm sure you will enjoy the upcoming 'The Writer' competition as a competitor reader, commenter or perhaps all three. Cheers

  19. cookie recipes
    Those are great suggestions! I do have a 3-fold screen I can try to use as a consistent background (in fact, I used to use that in other videos) but I also like the idea of people being able to do EXACTLY what you did. Whenever I watch a video I like to see the office, see how it's put together… especially what's on their Whiteboard. 🙂 I'll probably do a combination of both and see how it goes. Thanks again for the feedback!

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