What’s the Fuss about EFCC’s Unveiled Twitter Handler?


The witty handler of the EFCC’s Twitter account was unveiled last week, and he was received with near-unamimous praise. But what exactly is praise-worthy about his service? Is unveiling the eagle the right move by the crime-fighting agency?


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Last week, the official twitter account of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC ‘unofficially’ announced the departure of its twitter account handler: rap artist Olufemi Olukayode Adeyemi, also known as F.Shaw. Fanfare accompanied his unveiling as if his actions had led to winning cases in court.

Nigerians, always eager to celebrate mediocrity, posted comments applauding how intelligent, smart and a trendsetter the handler was. One wonders if it is customary to know the face behind official accounts. It’s the brand we see and whatever praise or mistake emanates from that account, regardless of who is behind it, features as the brand (EFCC) speaking.

It is even more confusing because the account’s twitter bio states it is Nigeria’s leading anti-graft agency, but in the past few months one could have been confused: is it a parody account, motivational account, moral instructor, or existing for bants? Many argued against “all work no play…”, but who cares about play when millions of funds are stolen and people are suffering?

It was interesting to watch people who had sworn to verbally attack the handler when eventually discovered swoon at the unveiling and influx of appraisals.  It is disturbing to find out that public figures and enterprise do not realise that there is a difference between their individual perspective, brand, company, projection and work. It is even more embarrassing that citizens cheer such act.

Many of these people would criticize Trump—a president in a country where there is constant water and light, where fraud can be detected and dealt with justly—for tweeting more than he presides over his country. And yet, they find the operational strategy of the EFCC account praise worthy.

It is even a bigger worry that of all the pressing issues—Diezani is still a free woman—EFCC thinks we deserve to know who the handler is. As if this will reduce the rate of crime in the nation. What would have occurred if the identity of the handler was kept hidden? Was it a pre-emptive measure against complaints if the new handler isn’t capable of tussling with the trolls—an activity that now seems necessary to curtail the activities of criminals in the Federal republic of Nigeria?

Official entities now get lost in the euphoria of social media. Granted, one has to go with the style of the times, hence the need for a social media manager. But shouldn’t they consider its handling as work deserving of professional ethics too? Beyond bants, how will the activity of the media account handler lead to EFCC getting better results in its investigations? How do we know we have an anti-crime agency ready to nab any fraudster, be they politicians or regular citizens? Will we stop hearing about recoveries without knowing the fate of the recovered?

The height of the nonsense was when one human being actually asked us to nominate Adeyemi for a national award. Really? Shouldn’t we also offer applause to the police when they eventually get to one crime scene as at when due? Shouldn’t we also nominate fire fighters for awards when they eventually get water to quench fire outbreaks? Then, when Buhari eventually returns back to Nigeria, are we going to discuss awarding him a prize for being the best absentee president? For preaching change and bringing it, regardless of what the change is?

What a time to be alive: mourning an absent president is not enough, now we have to applaud official appointees for doing their work.

What do you think of the unveiling of EFCC’s Twitter handler?


  1. joy
    whatever is wrong about the fuss? Nothing wrong with acknowledging his wit. He made twitter interesting for a while, so allow us fuss biko.
  2. Jude
    I am trying to get why you think there was something wrong with the fuss, I guess you miss the part where he was always educating young Nigerians on how to stay of crime, how to submit petitions as well.. We need the fuss, above all he made us love the EFCC, let us fuss biko as the first person rightly said
    1. Towunmi Post author
      I am saying the unveiling of the handler was not necessary as we only see the handle – EFCC. Regardless of who is handling which is not necessary, all of such projections represent EFCC and would anything happen if they just moved it over to a new handler without letting us know who? They are supposed to be professional and not like the regular tweeters
      Enjoy your fuss o! Jude 🙂
  3. Femme
    Hian….please drink a chilled drink and calm down! you dedicated a whole post to the fuss? o serious gan!! We serious, recession still dey……………we mediocre, recession still dey so allow us to fuss abeg!

    This line: “The height of the nonsense was when one human being actually asked us to nominate Adeyemi for a national award. Really?”

    Please tell me you know the person was joking???!! Otherwise, i really think u have personal beef with F.Shaw cos even if you are Hitler, you should know he did a good job….was he perfect? No!

    Being a lone voice just because does not always make you some mystical critic!

  4. Mo
    What do you think of the unveiling of EFCC’s Twitter handler?
    I think it was a nice gesture for an ex employee.

    The height of the nonsense was when one human being actually asked us to nominate Adeyemi for a national award…Lol, if you vex like this over what everyone says, God help your sanity.

    I am really trying to put together what the problem, you tried to communicate, is. You just said all too many things. It’s not necessary to unveil the face, is it negating anything?

    But shouldn’t they consider its handling as work deserving of professional ethics too? – What was ‘unprofessional’ about the tweets on the social media account?

    Beyond bants, how will the activity of the media account handler lead to EFCC getting better results in its investigations? – Now, if you think the page should do more, that’s fine, just list the many more it could do.

    1. Towunmi Post author
      Thank you Mo. Yes, the nomination was the height. But I believe professional handles should be handled as such. There was no need for the unveiling, they could have handed it over to the next person without people even knowing because all we see is the official handle not the person behind. Lol. I have no problem with the bants, but you will agrees some people thought them rude. If you see, I mentioned it’s ok to add a little spice to one’s work but that should not be the motive. Thanks for reading 🙂
  5. Jude
    I believe the unveiling was timely, maybe you didn’t see how much people wanted to know who was behind that handle, and not because of the way he handle criticism and the way he replied people, and trust me there was no unprofessional act in the whole process.. You just seem to be bitter… Come lemme buy you a drink to calm down
  6. Chris
    I kinda agree with the motive behind the post. Though, I kinda fault the execution. Tee, you could’ve still made this point by applauding the guy’s wit and how it has made the brand, likeable, while frowning at his unmasking. But wait o! Isn’t TNC a place for open and honest convos again? Guys let’s go easy on Tee, we can’t always expect others to see things from our perspective. Probably explains why some laughter can be considered a state of happiness or an act of mockery.
  7. 'debo
    I think this article is spot on. We would rather spend time debating and talking about non-issues like this one than talk about issues that impart us as a nation.
  8. Mo
    I think this is an extremely one sided way of looking at this and one I really don’t object to. I understand where you are coming from, we have more issues at bay and we should spend more time talking about those issues than praising “mediocrity” as you put it. The problem is, you are looking at this from a social media point of view. Ask yourself this, how many times are people serious on twitter? People mostly come for the bants and try to blow off steam by engaging in funny tweets. This was something the EFCC handler achieved. Now I know he’s should have portrayed the Agency better in your opinion but every rational human being who has the smallest idea of marketing knows that you must study your assumed market to know what products would fit. This is something the handler did well, he understood the Nigerians on twitter, engaged them and also educated them. He did a good job. You lame the handler for not really talking about current issues like he is in control of how the Nigerian government chooses to execute their daily activities and their pursuit of crime and justice. But he isn’t and you know this well. He was given little and he worked well with what information he had. You failed to give him credit with his education and focused more on the fact that he was given publicity.
    The truth is that you are right in so many ways, but this is an extremely one sided way of looking at the impact the EFCC handler had on Twitter NG.
    1. Towunmi Post author
      As you have said, the article gave no credit because that’s not what the article was focusing on, but what exactly the point was in unveiling who was behind an ‘official’ handle. And should we really be giving credit for doing the ‘job’ ‘right thing’ ?
      Your contributions have also been noted with Thanks. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.
  9. Stephen Afam-Osemene
    So this is my first comment here.

    I think it was nice.

    1. It was not just bants. He did an AMAZING job. There was a #youngNlegit trend he started encouraging people to share the legit things they do. He was very informative and used the platform to engage and educate.

    2. You complain about how the agency is not doing it’s job well, but that is not his fault. In the assignment he was given he did a near perfect job.

    3. Perhaps you were right that they did not need to reveal who he is, but I don’t see that as a major problem.

    1. Towunmi Post author
      Thank you for sharing Stephen, he might have done #youngNlegit trend well. But that is one out of how many? We really should stop praising mediocrity and stop giving ourselves low standards, which is one of the things the article is addressing, and what really was the need to let the person behind an ‘official’ handle be known? If it’s still not in line of praising average performance.
      1. Stephen Afam-Osemene
        This does not praise mediocrity.
        In my opinion he did the best job of any social media handle I’ve ever seen (Nigerian or not).
        His performance was not average it was amazing and deserves every compliment.

        Now, about the “unveiling” I don’t think it was necessary, but I don’t see the harm.

        Is the issue that people praise him or that he was “unveiled”? Cause I’m not sure which is the issue.

        And the fact that the majority of officials perform terribly does not mean we should not appreciate those who do.

        1. Towunmi Post author
          As you wrote, ‘In your opinion’ and I’m sure you also recognise that others are entitled to theirs. The fact that people praise mediocrity doesnt make it right. I do know you saw what the post is about, I also do see that you itemized your point, and I also know for certainty that opinions are opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs. As for appreciating those who ‘actually’ do the job, lol, for real? But then, it’s your opinion.
          Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.
  10. A.Y.O
    I didn’t care that the handler was unveiled, – just another silly thing in this country where silliness abounds.
    Then I read this article. Wow.
    I wish I hadn’t read the comments.

    I do believe Nigerians deserve every single thing we have coming.
    We are not a sensible people.
    We are not ready.

    So, no one here (comments) understood your annoyance at applauding an official for doing their job well; granted, in a country where most officials fail to do same??
    I didn’t agree with every point you raised, but you still had the right idea. EFCC is not one individual and the identities of the organization’s social media handlers matter little & less. But then, we aren’t acclaimed for our professionalism; so I’m not too surprised commenters here have failed to grasp any of this.

    Some are angry that you failed to give him credit for his wit and efforts at educating the Nigerian twitter populace (missing the damn point per usual) – but I don’t see them writing any articles to do just that. The entire reason good social media managers are in demand, is because organizations have started to realise the value created by interacting with and entertaining social media users. If he was a guest handler for some other private business perhaps in the entertainment industry; revealing his identity might be understandable – and then, only if he was a celebrity guest handler. This is our Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. An agency that sometimes deploys undercover agents.
    Wake up you silly silly kids.

    I’m sorry that the overwhelming response to your article has been that you are bitter, angry, insane, ungrateful, whatever else. We are a terribly myopic people, with warped priorities; but never let that stop you from calling out the folly you observe.

    All of that said; “returns back” is tautology, and your writing style could do with some refinement. It feels rushed.

  11. Anonymous
    I think you are actually part of the problems of this country. We are always formal, rigid and follow status quo. Just because he decided to carry out an otherwise boring job in a humorous way, you felt he deserved an entire article dedicated to calling him out.
    Most unfortunate about this piece is that you criticise something you don’t like. You couldn’t even be objective and commend him for some things and f criticize him for others.
    I also blame TNC who occasionally publish shallow articles.
    F.shaw was professional, he didn’t use swear words, he wasn’t disrespectful and he certainly didn’t slander anyone. Yet he communicated effectively although humorously. But for reasons best known to you, you chose to compare him with the orange head president who abuses and uses vile language on Twitter.
    Pls, writing is a noble act which requires a lot of deep thinking. Instead of disgracing the act, kindly pick up another hobby. We don’t want to see your terrible article again. Pls pls and pls
  12. Neee
    I’m not really sure what’s getting you all in a tizzy.

    1. F.Shaw was only unveiled because he was leaving and EFCC decided to honour him for the work he had done and wish him well. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your staff when they choose to move on to other endeavours, whether they are Social Media staff or a Deputy Director.

    2. I think you’re taking the role of social media a bit too seriously. Twitter is not a place to get all serious and formal, especially if you actually want people to read and engage. What he did was engage Nigerians the best way they know how to….JOKES. But through the jokes, he managed to impart a lot of sensible and crucial information.

    3. Please don’t tell me you’re mistaking the social media/communications department for the operations department. At the end of the day, each department has a focus, if one department decides to do nonsense and slack, all the rest of the departments can do is do their own work to the best of their abilities. Whether convictions are being made or not is not the job of the social media handler to do. Their job is to give information, and make the organisation look good, end of.

    From my own observations I just feel like you’re pained for no reason. It’s not that deep. It really isn’t, however you’re entitled to your opinion.

    PS There’s no way you can compare his tweets to Trump’s, you’re grabbing straws.

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