Elements Of Us: World Poetry Day Celebration

  WHIRLWIND  @_ThinkTank_ All thought is gone with the wind There nothing I can do to rescind Is there? Which of us can tame the tempest? The tempest that is woman? She moves like a sweet smelling summer breeze Her limbre body dissects the air with effortless ease A visage appearing unreal Arms like angel…


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All thought is gone with the wind

There nothing I can do to rescind

Is there?

Which of us can tame the tempest?

The tempest that is woman?

She moves like a sweet smelling summer breeze

Her limbre body dissects the air with effortless ease

A visage appearing unreal

Arms like angel wings

Legs like Cello strings

Her entire body sings

I have never laid eyes upon such a beautiful thing

It’s hard to tell where her body ends and her essence begins

I can feel her more than see

As she gracefully approaches me




As though daring me to reach out and touch

All I have to offer is a foolish smile and an involuntary blush

The blood has all left my feet for my head in a rush

An unsolicited exodus

Confusion has set in

How do I catch the whirlwind?

She is everything I need and more

All it took was a second and I have come to adore

All that is her from my very core

How do I describe what has come over me?

Stop Panicking

Start Breathing

Start Thinking

I am Calm

Confidence claims position

Desire tames apprehension

Action takes ascension

I reach out to take her mist-like hand

Willing my body to yield to my minds command

I stare into her eyes and I see my soul

Her eyes widen

Her smile broadens

Her dance quickens

Her hand takes mine in phalangial embrace

She accepts my offering and my feet become light

As we dance together our bodies unite

Like an illuminated dervish we begin to take flight

Sailing on a tempest of passions into the bliss of uncharted night


@Rhaihanah and @_ThinkTank_

My body is spread wide like the grains of sand upon the earth

Smooth and fluid like the loamy plains beyond

Hot lust rises from beneath the earth

The centre of my desire,core of my passion

Fluid smoke dances around your vision

They bathe you, the rivulets of sweat

It warms you, the seductive heat

Rising slowly like my hips

The precision of my limbs, sliding gently on your skin

The sweetness of my tongue,tracing every taste on your mouth

The edges of my teeth grazing gently across your lips, branding with the slightest of nips

My fiery touch sends tremors though your nerves

Leaving them tangled in a bundle, mimicking our agile limbs

You are wrecked by the beauty of my wanton vibrations

Our fluids flow like hot lava

I am the epicentre of your spreading desire

Your sighs and my moans conspire

Your pleasure reflects mine like waves of seismic

This rumbling is intensely orgasmic

We just might set off something tectonic.

The tips of your fingers are red with wanting

Pushing through my cleaved zones, dancing in my nether garden

The smooth mounds over my heart, pleasing you till your belly is full

I rise and fall…blue blood, red hot

I am magic over your mind, High priestess of your mountain temple

Throbbing and Pulsating above your frame..your sculpted body, your sharp angles

My back arched like a bow, you pierce me with your arrow of wanting

Taking me over for a joyride on a turbulent, rapturous tide

You gush into my core, a stream of tears, a spring of ecstasy

Oozing over my embers…

I let loose my essence; in an explosion of hot molten lava

And violently break away from the ground,

Vibrating with the shock waves of your energy

I take over the earth with a moan that roars through your groans

The explosion rings through the thick still air…

As films of hazy pleasure coat my eyes and cloud your vision

In this moment I am everything. I am Gaia

And in the next…

Silent entropy.




Now my gaze is still,

Upon the rivers of ardor that used to flow

The air is laden with a deadening chill

I used to bask in the sun of your smile, till the clouds blanketed your glow

My world is white, as though its blood has ceased to flow

You took my sun,and all that’s left is snow

White frosty flakes, falling specks of pain

You took my summer breeze, and left the cold winds to blow

Cold sharp air is what I painfully inhale

Wheezing like an addict, my soul seems to be freezing

My giant orbs widen like little glass balls

There’s a mist over my eyes

Melting on my lashes,tricking down my cheeks

Those cheeks that warmed from the blood of your palms

And curved skywards with the caress of your lips

Tears now fall down along them them like angels falling from grace

Each one shatters as another falls to take its place

I live with a darkness that none can measure

My face is devoid of pleasure

My body has been paralysed by your poisoned kiss

Drained of every element of erstwhile bliss

Every step cuts, like a shard of Ice

All the whispered words turned out to be cruel  lies

I’m bleeding from where the shards have cut

I’m losing my mind, devoid of thought

Your porcelain promises crack as my hope drops

Only a matter of time before my heart stops

No smiles, this mournful December

Where all is grey, black and amber.

Welcome to the winter of my soul



I caught a fire

Put my feelings up for hire

Indulged my cornucopia of desires

Time and chance have quenched our fire

It is funny how the metaphors

That describe the things I met her for




Begin to lose meaning

As I change places, see new faces

Meet others

Gain new bothers

And the memories?

They fade away

A little a day

Until they are nothing but what is left of the echoes of what was once a very




Just another note in the symphony that is life

My life.

A series of




My existence has been the sum of




As my future continuously consumes my present

And excretes its predecessor into the




Waters of the toilets of all that is my past

Relationships are fractured

Feelings are blurred

Replaced with

Memories that are unworthy of the experiences that birthed them

Still I collect them

Reveling in the




There is no joy in the keeping


Hollow whispers

A dull susurrus

Echoes of laughter

A sapless harmony

Blurry pictures

A sequence of banal visions

And the ashes

Which are all that is left when the fires of what was once a




Eventually burn out.


  1. Arthur Bizkit

    I rise and fall…blue blood, red hot. . .

    Y'all r on some Game of thrones meets Songs of Solomon movement up in here. Thought there was going to be some Fire sign segregation til y'all took care of it. *wink*.

    Might have 2 paraphrase some of these awesome 'elemental' lines & Re-Set some Gone wrong P's

    She (They) wont see it coming.

    Nicely Done. . . RiRi & TT. Nicely Done.

  2. People Quotes
    Some lovely poem have been written up in here! I have read out all the poem and it seems to me they all have celebrated nicely the World Poetry Day and also they have shown their creativity by written up some fabulous poem. Thanks

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