Who’s Your Daddy?


For the longest time, I have been fascinated by calling a man who gives a great fuck ‘daddy’. It works remarkably well as an incentive for men, well – some men- to put their back into giving a well deserved orgasm (or several). The thing is, lovers (whether emotionally involved or simply just smashing each…


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For the longest time, I have been fascinated by calling a man who gives a great fuck ‘daddy’. It works remarkably well as an incentive for men, well – some men- to put their back into giving a well deserved orgasm (or several).

The thing is, lovers (whether emotionally involved or simply just smashing each others brains out) give each other pet names all the time, but ‘daddy’ makes quite a number of people cringe. Let’s clear up a few things. ‘Daddy’ isn’t about your ‘parent’ or fantasizing about fucking your parent. I’ll say it again: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR PARENT. In the context in which it is said, it means dude is more of a ‘care taker’.

Last year, however, I had a rethink as to the kinds of men who should be called daddy during sex. First of all, let me clear the air, my name is S and if you think women who call men ‘daddy’ during sex are low key battling daddy issues, don’t even bother reading this post.

I’ve heard several times women calling a guy ‘daddy’ because he is the giver of their mind boggling orgasms but for me giving good dick is not supposed to earn a man ‘daddy’ moans, he’s SUPPOSED to give you good dick, so crowning him for doing something he’s supposed to is like giving him point for knowing he’s supposed to breathe through his nostrils.

In 2016 I learnt that ‘daddy’ is about a man’s entire lifestyle. He can give you soul rearranging sex and treat you like shit, so his dick is out of the daddy equation.

He earns daddy by the way he takes care of you. It’s about care and nurture. It’s about actually listening to you, bending over just to see you smile, desiring nothing more than to cook for you because he knows you love to eat, and identifying your needs and meeting them without you even mentioning it. It’s about not whining when you want to spend time with your friends, waking up early in the morning to make you a bacon and cheese sandwich and then dropping you off at work, and wanting to buy you shit without even wanting so much as a thank you.

A man like this is the type of man you can have the best conversations with. A man who works hard, is diligent and smart, a man who is a boss, a man who takes care – very good care – of himself. A man who is 100% comfortable with expressing how he feels. And then, like the icing on the cake, on top of all these beautiful things that he does… He ALSO brings great dick?! He is DEFINITELY Daddy. Daddy is a provider – provider of physical, financial and emotional needs. And, of course, orgasms. Now, THAT is daddy – that is all the way daddy.

So there I was in the heat and tumbles of passion, just reminiscing on all the shit this man had done for me. I was about to call him Daddy because he more than deserved it but I bit my tongue, and it was very unlike me because I’m not trying to caution myself during sexy time. I’m not concerned about the intensity or volume of my screaming or moaning or chanting of the man’s name. I do apologize post- sexy time when I realize that I’ve bruised his arms or back. Never have I had to hold back. Truly he is Daddy to me in every way: a provider, a lover, my emotional and psychological support but I was shockingly unsure. Usually sex is about me, but I genuinely wondered if he’d mind, no one else had minded in the past but I hesitated.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to crown him Daddy to his hearing and I’m quite sure he’s going to take to it rather well. I’m not even concerned if he is a ‘father’, because when I call him Daddy during sexy time or whenever else, he sure as hell isn’t thinking about his offspring. Can I get an amen, ladies?

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think about calling/being called ‘daddy’ by your lover? Yay or Nay?


  1. adventure
    S S S, happy new year girl. Your thoughts blow my mind, its like we think alike in many ways. On calling him “daddy” it has to be during steamy times, you call him that and unleash the bad ass n**** in him
  2. King Push
    It had to be bacon and cheese sandwich really…..madam, make it relatable. Say toast bread with eggs and fresh orange juice, Ewo ni bacon and cheese sandwich RME. One of my side calls me daddy(but not during sexy time as well) and thinking of it, I fit into all the context you stated. Will try and pick her mind about it.
  3. Ufuomaee
    I feel a need to say something, but I don’t really know what to say. I am actually quite irritated, but not so much with the Author, but with TNC, because I KNOW you guys screen posts… Your editorial team are tight on that… So I can’t understand why this post will fly! What is she really saying? Does any rant about sex fly?

    You’ve got great content, and some pieces S produces do make you think, but this just seemed to be some thoughts in her head she should have kept there. Well, I wish I could articulate my objection better, but I had to say something before I lost the nerve.

    This post is not fit for intelligent people. It really isn’t.

    Sincerely, Ufuoma.

    1. S Post author
      LOL. you’re cute.
      I believe when you begun submitting your articles to TNC you were told that it was an open platform, just incase it skipped your intelligent mind, it still is an open platform for whoever to say whatever.
      I’m pretty sure because you are intelligent you’ve heard of the saying ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.
      I couldn’t give a crap about the posts you write so i stay in my own damn lane because that’s what intelligent people do but i guess you didn’t get the memo. Your comment was rude and uncalled for and i’m sure you know that but your self righteousness felt like this was the best thing to do.
      You don’t have to read my posts, infact, i’d rather you don’t. The intelligent thing to do would have been to ignore it and move on but that must have skipped you too.
      There was no need for your comment, if you have a problem with the kinds of posts on TNC, take it up with whoever.
      1. Bkd
        Dear S,
        Please pay Ufuome no mind. I’m guessing this is your first encounter with her so you’re new to her condescending, holier-than-thou, better-than-everyone else attitude. I think it’s best you ignore her. I pity her sometimes. For some reason, she’s a celebrity to some persons, no disrespect to them. I used to be a fan myself until I discovered the hard way what a hypocrite she really is. Too many people are beginning to complain about her. Thank God she doesn’t run TNC.
        As for your piece, a big AMEN… I’m a guy though.
    2. Oms
      I dont understand why you are irritated. The post may not be your cup of tea but saying it isnt fit for intelligent people is quite frankly rude and uncalled for.
      1. Bkd
        At last. People are beginning to see what I have complained about time and time again concerning Ufuome’s attitude on this platform. What a “Christian” indeed?
    3. Funmi Ogunlusi
      @ufuomaee, it’s all a matter of perspective.

      For a non-religious site, we put up quite a few of your very heavily loaded religious posts. One could argue we’re biased because they’re about Christianity and we don’t do the same with Islamic posts or other religions. Someone who disagrees with your faith can also decry our decision to entertain “unintelligent rants about Jesus” since many atheists/non-believers find Christianity and belief in a higher power illogical.

      Whether or not I agree with any of these stances is irrelevant. I put stuff up that sparks my interest and I think may interest others, which could for various reasons. Maybe it’s thought provoking (which can be true whether I agree or not), maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s raunchy, maybe it’s well written.

      The bottom line is disagreeing with something doesn’t make it unintelligent. And not all posts are supposed to be “intelligent” in the sense of being cerebral in the first place. Thinking isn’t the only thing humans do. We live, we eat, we worship, we fuck. Posts sometimes reflect that.

      Hopefully that means there’s something for everyone. This one just wasn’t for you. Thanks for being concerned about the editors though, I’m fine. 😉

      1. Ufuomaee
        Thanks Funmi,

        I appreciate your response and your perspective on this matter. I also appreciate that this is not my site, nor is it a Christian site, but an open platform. But I also know that as an open platform, you still profess to have standards. I guess I felt more passionately about this because I did write a story about sex – titled HE TOOK MY BREATH AWAY, which I shared with your team. I was quite shocked for the reason I was given for why it couldn’t fly… Let me quote it:

        “The story is too basic. Needs more depth beyond the religious angle. Our fiction column is extremely competitive and we pride ourselves on the quality of fiction we publish. The writer can modify to include a message to drive engagement and submit as an opinion piece instead.”

        Perhaps your high standards are true only for the fiction category of your site. But I’ve seen the reasons submitted for other posts of mine that have been rejected. However, when I see posts like this, I do lose respect for your editorial process, even if you think it is entertaining for some or many of your readers. But that’s my issue.

        And I know that your comment section is also open for me to express my views and concerns, and I have chosen to do so today. I don’t usually. This post ticked me off in a particular way. Not because I don’t agree with it. What’s not to agree with? Calling your boo Daddy in bed… What’s the big deal? What about mother fucker?

        Anyway, I just found it entirely pointless, and it seemed it was just another post to get people obsessed with sex boasting about their antics.

        Bottom line is that it is not my site, it is a free for all and I am not an editor here. I own my view point, not even as a contributor, but as a reader. I believe I am entitled to it. And so, no @s. I will read whatever I choose to read, and comment as I see fit. It doesn’t reduce my intelligence. It only means that I have more of an opportunity to change my mind, by reading and considering other people’s perspectives. It has also inspired me to write many of my pieces before. And if I am challenged, I also stand to learn.

        Blessings, Ufuoma

        1. Funmi Ogunlusi
          We’ve literally put up TWO pieces by you this week, which is VERY rare. If ONE article makes you lose respect for the same process that frequently selects YOUR articles, there’s not much to add at this point. We can agree to disagree.
          1. Ufuomaee
            Lest I sound ungrateful… I am so very grateful for the 62 posts of mine you have published on your site! I was actually SHOCKED to see that you published one of my pieces within a day of submission! I thought you might keep it until the next week. And I am also deeply honoured that you keep publishing my pieces on Sundays, even though my criticism of your Editorial team and process may put a stop to that.

            Either way, I really wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t feel strongly about it, even knowing what was at risk. And for that alone, I needed to say something. I respect your platform very much. I appreciate your platform and have high hopes for TNC, and I think this post affects your quality and credibility. I believe that criticism helps everyone, and only our friends are truly honest with us. If I didn’t care, I would have said nothing. But I honestly think you guys missed the ball on this one. However, we can agree to disagree.

            Perhaps I should have written privately to you about it, but it’s out in the open now. I sincerely apologise for any embarrassment caused to your team.

            Sincerely, Ufuoma.

        2. Bkd
          Wow! This is coming from someone who cussedness me out just because I didn’t agree with her point of view, even though I valid arguments to support my stand while she didn’t?
          Well done Ufuome. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.
        3. Bkd
          Wow! This is coming from someone who cussed me out just because I didn’t agree with her point of view, even though I made valid arguments to support my stand while she didn’t?
          Well done Ufuome. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.
      1. OJaySeenson
        toh…o da bahun naa…so iss nor enough that a tongue can make you jump and sing praises to the lord…you demand such high standards from the D too? Madam, iss nor a heasy sontin o…some of us are not blessed like the porn stars of this world, hence we have learnt to make it up in other ways…
  4. Victoria
    Dear TNC community, since we have agreed that this is an open platform I believe it means that freedom of expression should be allowed by ALL persons at least to the degree where no foul language or threats are involved. This means or at least I think it should mean that for example I can have the right to say that I think your posts are pointless and you have the right to say my posts are self righteous and hypocrital. Whether you agree with me or not or I agree with you is another matter. I can try to make you see my point of view and you still hold to your opinion. We can agree to disagree. Telling me not to express my opinions on this open platform is infringing on my right of freedom of expression.
  5. Mr. Eze
    honestly I did enjoy reading this article, it made me smile from ear to ear and it was fun + I learned a thing or two. I came to the comment section to put more smiles on my face just for me to see Ufomaee act like a little girl, u trying to bring her down or wah?! you are not v. interesting to read doesn’t mean you don’t write well but if it’s just articles that you feel pass your standards tests that get published then most of us won’t be here…you could learn a thing or two from S’ write to spice up your instead of hating ”my 2 cents” thumps up S
    1. Twisted
      Write to spice up?????
      Even when it is against EVERYTHING she believes in?
      Biko shift.
      If you liked this one, enjoy. If not, leave ufoma.
      I don’t think the comments here should be about ufoma’s opinion.
      1. tammy
        But do you not see that Ufoma made it about her, after her comment to S, she went on to whine like a little baby, who was apparently upset that one of her posts didn’t go up etc. She knew what the platform was about before she started submitting articles. From her behaviour you can tell that she will be kind of person who will also be bitter if articles from people of a different faith went up on the sight. She needs to chill the entire fuck out. I wasn’t crazy about this article either but you dont see me yapping about it.
  6. Ozone
    I do not agree with @ufuomaee on the comment she made on this post but like every rational being, it is expedient we metaphorically listen to the soul of the remarks. She tried comparing the article that was posted with one of her own that was rejected and could not find consistency.
    I am of the opinion that led to comment which is not acceptable on an open platform like TNC. As most writers know, it takes a lot to put your thoughts down and having it rejected could affect one’s self esteem.
    She has done the right thing by apologizing and acknowledging the fact that personal judgement should not be used to discredit any work of art but also highlighted the importance consistency in the work of the editorial team as well as their need to consider the effort that goes into the articles that are submitted.
    Hope we have all reached a truce and trust that this singular act will not lead to any bias in the near future especially for articles submitted by @ufuomaee for consideration. @s
    1. Funmi Ogunlusi
      No point in flogging a dead horse, but just wanted to clarify that an editor does not need to take into account “effort”. You could have laboured for years over an article. If it’s dead, it’s dead. The judgment is based on the final product, not consideration of the writing process.

      Based on that, there can never be any bias against @ufuomaee because all decisions are made on an article by article basis – hence why I didn’t even realise I allowed two posts by her in the same week. I just choose articles I like. I honestly don’t care who wrote them.

  7. Pretty Mrs.
    And people made this interesting post about Ufuomae and ‘S’.
    Biko let’s go back to this post and comment o jere. I rarely comment in here, whether I like the post or not, unless of course there is a need to.
    Ufuomae reminds me of ‘Od’. The guy has stopped commenting. Very self righteous too . I guess he had to stop cos he couldn’t stomach somethings ( even thougI loved readhis comments). See , I think keeping mute is just the way forward. If you have three cedis to contribute, pls drop, if not, jus waka pass. That wont determine what TNC posts or doesn’t anyway.
    The comment section nails it for me, but this, it’s all bickering and sh*t.

    Ok, what were we saying before sef?

  8. mollie12
    I’m sorry, but majority of the comments are displaying exactly the kind of double standards they claim to be standing against. And it’s particularly appalling how hypocritical some folks have become that they don’t recognize the hypocrisy in themselves anymore. If you want to go by the standards Live and Let Live, be sure you are also applying same standards for everyone else. You don’t get to eye-roll and say someone is being “holier-than-thou” just because they have a different opinion than yours. I have a right to deem any article as unintelligent without my personal view points being juxtaposed with the subject matter, and it does not have to come from a place of superiority. It’s a shame many don’t understand this, but are quick to call others ‘hypocritical’ without stopping to check if there are any logs in their eyes first. Let’s understand that freedom of expression works both ways: you are free to post crap, and I’m free to call out your crap as crap.
    1. Bkd
      You probably don’t know Ufuome too well. This sameness @ufuomaee can’t stand it when you call her “crap, crap”. I feel that’s not hypocrisy, I wonder what is.
      Here’s a link for you.

      Seven Reasons Why Sex Is Worth Waiting For

      And I didn’t even call her piece crap. I engaged her constructively but she couldn’t accommodate possiblility of someone not agreeing with her point of view.

  9. Osasu Elaiho
    I am all for calling whoever whatever during or after coitus, but I seem to be getting the impression that it is all about you here.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    You’ve called him a provider, someone who lets you hang with your friends, who takes care of himself, who is a boss and who of course is amazing in bed, who cooks for you and whatnot yea?

    So here is my question: What are you doing for him? What makes you worth it for him? What makes him stay with you (especially if we’re talking long term here and not short term ? Is it only because you will return the favour and give him mind-blowing sex noting that to you , this alone is not enough for the “daddy” tag?


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